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I fully agree with this point and declare self interest in it.

Rural families are being penalised with higher taxes for fewer public services, MPs have warned. While countryside communities face inflated house prices and more expensive council tax bills compared to their urban counterparts, they receive less government funding for basic services like schools. They also have poor access to amenities many towns and cities take for granted, such as broadband and mobile communications.

Each year, my rates rise. The ONLY “service” I get in exchange is the collection of rubbish from my house. There are street lights, there are no council facilities within three miles from me. Once upon a time, I had my septic tank emptied once a year but now that has become so difficult to do under the terms offered, that it is done privately. I suspect that those who live in the country, generally speaking, are indeed ripped off and it should stop,

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  1. David

    I hate to disagree, but if people choose to live in the wilds countryside they should be aware that it is not economical for service-providers (whether publicly owned or privately owned) to supply them with the same level of service they would get in an urban environment. And it can only get worse: when Royal Mail is privatised, do not expect the universal service obligation to survive for more than five years.

  2. LOL 3 miles and you consider that far? its precious what the Irish consider a long ways away

  3. What do house prices have to do with anyone being ripped off by anyone else?

    Wouldn’t rural houses tend to be larger and often include more land than urban houses?

    Do youze ever stop whining?

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