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The sheer dysfunctionalism of the United Nations has been a running theme in these pages for years. I wear my antipathy towards that organised hypocrisy as a badge of moral honour. Get this;

 China and Russia have vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning Syria over its crackdown on anti-government protesters. The European-drafted resolution had been watered down to try to avoid the vetoes, dropping a direct reference to sanctions against Damascus. But Moscow and Beijing said the draft contained no provision against outside military intervention in Syria. The US envoy to the UN said Washington was “outraged” by the vote.

The US envoy can well be outraged. Russia and China, those twin beacons of repression and State tyranny, can be relied upon to be unreliable. Boy Bashar gets a bye and can carry on killing.

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  1. The US envoy is “outraged” because US-military Inc. hasn’t (yet) got the green light to go into Syria, overthrow its government, privatise (sell of at fire-sale cost to corporates) national infrastructure and means of production, install Bechtel and Halliburton as new government, then set up bases for that same US-military Inc.

    As for killing, how many people has USMI killed in the Middle East and central Asia?

  2. As the US chooses to veto UN SC resolutions against oppression in the Middle East, it can hardly complain when Russia and China do the same.

  3. Well actually it can complain, and it shouldn’t be alone. Syria’s regime is as bad as Libya’s and the protection afforded to it by China and Russia should bother the people in the Free World.

  4. I liked the comments from Assad before the veto. “If Syria is attacked by the UN I will move all my missiles to the Golan and destroy Tel Aviv”

    I’m kinda surprised with that inspiration the UN did’nt vote to attack Syria just to get the Jews

  5. ” Syria’s regime is as bad as Libya’s and the protection afforded to it by China and Russia should bother the people in the Free World.”
    Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are worse than Libya , why then does NATO not seek to remove the most barbaric rulers on Earth , could it be that the US has bases in those countries . This support by the US worries me .
    Have you overlooked the fact that Russia has a naval base in Syria , so why would it not do as the US does and veto UN resolutions .

  6. The US has a base in Bahrain, which I’ve been to, but I don’t believe we have any in Saudi Arabia any more.

  7. Phantom , …..and ?
    How does this effect the underlying premise i.e.the hypocrisy in Mahon’s position ?

  8. What hypocrisy? China and Russia are bad players on the world’s stage. If you don’t know that you don’t know anything.

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