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In the world of zoos, animal conservation, tourism and plain curiosity, nothing beats a tiger to draw the crowds. When a tiny child walks up close to a huge tiger, separated only by a tough safety glass shield, this is the image which remains:-



But when a female attendant seemingly ignores all the rules, and walks into a tiger enclosure, there should simply be no plan to destroy the tiger, because that animal is simply obeying its nature, which is that of a wild, untamed, carnivorous, dangerous tiger. If any condemnations are made or aimed, they should be made at the attendant, or the zoo management, not the bloody tiger.

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6 thoughts on “…in the forests of the night

  1. I used to visit the zoo of each place I visited…it was high on my priority list when traveling. Not so much anymore. The way captive animals are treated reflects the people who hold them capitive I always thought. With that said, anyone remember the chimp who smoked at the Belfast zoo? And that horrific killing of penguins? Or Timmy (I think his name was), the silverback gorilla at the Dublin Zoo who loved to play with humans (flirt with women) much the way this tiger is playing with this child?

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