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Poor Bono. His feelings have been hurt!

“U2 SINGER Bono says he was “stung” and “hurt” by criticism of the band moving part of its business to the Netherlands to lessen its tax burden. In an interview in The Ticket today, he speaks about the band’s 2006 decision to move part of its business out of Ireland following the Government’s decision to put a cap on the amount of tax-free earnings available to artists. U2’s move was criticised by politicians and some development groups. “We pay millions and millions of dollars in tax. The thing that stung us [about the criticism] was the accusation of hypocrisy for my work as an activist…”

So, I hope all of you who may have entertained the notion that Bono was just one more hypocritical rock star are now sorry.

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3 thoughts on “IN THE NAME OF CASH….

  1. Good luck to him. I hope he kept every last Punt from being looted by the Irish state.

    But he’s still a precious, hyprocritical twit.

  2. I’m sure all the free advertising the BBC’s been giving him for the new album, with soften the blow.

  3. Rather than campaigning for my tax money to be wasted on counter-productive "development" projects lining the pockets of dictators of failed states, he should waste his own millions in that way if he thinks it is really such a good idea. The hypocrisy of legally avoiding paying tax while at the same time trying to influence the spending of other people’s tax revenues is common amongst his ilk.

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