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The eco-wackery that lies at the heart of this Coalition Government will cost us all BIG TIME. Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has decreed that we shall pay less in household energy costs in 9 years time. How…

Chris Huhne's prediction means that people would have to cut electricity use by a third

Note..”have to…”mmmm.

We are being trundled along to a point where we either pay vast amounts MORE for energy, or we gain Mr Huhne’s imaginary savings by switching the lights and the power off.

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  1. Whacky. If we buy less of what has become a scarce resource then the companies providing that resouce will have to put their prices up to maintain a profit. The answer is to get us to buy more of that resouce but to reduce the cost of producing it. This can never be done if we continue to produce our energy by middle ages technology i.e. windmills. We need to invest in modern technologies. Make energy availability plentiful not scarce.

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