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Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore; “no more taxes”  tea parties spring up around the nation. This is something to watch.


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20 thoughts on “IN:Tea Parties. Out: Taxes

  1. They look just as i imagined they would 😉

    It is refreshing to know that these are a small minority or Americans, as that twat Cavuto said, 80% to 85% of Americans support Obama’s stimulus.

    These people have no understanding of economic reality, they are stupid, but they are very much in the minority. To put it this way, there are probably more child-molesters in the States, then there are people who support this rabble.

  2. These Republican jerks just can’t accept that they lost the election. It’s THAT simple.

  3. So Guba, are you saying that 85% of Americans DO understand economics?

  4. Democrats fail to understand that you can not spend your way out of debt.
    Democrats fail to understand that printing more money simply devalues the money.
    Democrats fail to understand that there is a limit to the amount of taxes you can collect —
    Oops, I forgot, Democrats don’t pay their taxes.

  5. Guba I posted an hour long speech that sums up what my side believes I’ll net you can’t even sit through it.

    your not interested in debate or understanding

  6. Troll, as your mentor, i feel it my duty to listen to that drug-addict waffle on for an hour. I will listen to all of the speech, but it may take some time, as listening to Limbaugh is akin to water-boarding and i am not exactly a brave man.

  7. Guba, exactly what is it that you do in life that enables you to tell people that they haven’t a clue about economics? Most economists haven’t a clue about economics yet YOU know. What is it that you do?

  8. ‘exactly what is it that you do in life that enables you to tell people that they haven’t a clue about economics?’

    It is nothing i do in life that enables me to tell anyone about economics. I do, however, as a mere student, read newspapers and have a basic understanding of how the economy works. Many here seem to be confused between how they WANT it to works and how it ACTUALLY works.

  9. You are indeed, a mere student, Guba. I used to be a student but I never assumed to know how the economy works and clearly, the economy is not working. So for someone to wander in and around a site like this and spout off that all we need to do is print money is, to me, indicative of ignorance about what money is. I won’t claim to know how the economy works, but printing money is not the way to make it work, no matter how often anybody says that it does.

    BTW the dictum about reading newspapers to be misinformed is true: their correspondents know little about economics.

  10. Allan,

    I am no expert on the economy, but i do know far more about the matter than you. What are you talking about ‘printing money’? Do you know how money is created n this system? Clearly, you do not.

    ‘I won’t claim to know how the economy work’

    i won’t believe you even if you do.

    ‘but printing money is not the way to make it work, no matter how often anybody says that it does.’

    Wait a second? What does this actually mean? You do not think that printing money is the answer? ok, how else can money be created in this system? Why is ‘printing money’ not the answer? And what else can ACTUALLY be done?

  11. More tea parties please – I fully support the idea of citizens demanding government behaves sensibly.

  12. Why were there not any tea parties when Reagan and Bush were creating a huge deficit?

  13. So I’ve lived through 40 years in the workplace and am a retired executive and CFO in the technology industry. I will tell you that we will come out of this and that all this infighting between democrats and republicans is not productive. Neither side wants to have a depression or mortgage the future generations of this country.
    WE do need many of Obama’s programs like education and rebuilding of our infrastructure. We are behind the curve – look at China and India and you know that our education system is lackluster and will not support us being a world power, economically or be a leading source of innovation. Our transportation infrastructure is crumbling and needs to be upgraded after 50 years and does not meet the needs of such a large population. Let alone the environmental impact of the current transportation infrastructure.

    However, in the short term raising taxes on the upper levels does detract from immediate short term job creation and increased investment and capitalization of the banking system. It keeps money on the sidelines. We need to more than ever reduce the corporate tax rate. It is the highest in the world and is forcing new high tech and life sciences firms to move overseas. If we were to make a permanent reduction to 20% we would bring corporations to the U.S., keep firms in the U.S. and create more jobs and wealth, and taxes.

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