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I unreservedly condemn those thugs who have forced a Roman Catholic family to abandon their home in Londonderry. The BBC reports that the house in Currynierin had been targeted in attacks stretching back over 13 years. At the weekend, a group of up to 20 youths threw four petrol bombs at their home and another house in Conway Park in the Waterside area.

This is no way for anyone to behave.

Intolerance is manifest in the Maiden City, but yet it is rarely spoken about. For example, the fact that the city side of the Foyle has been cleansed of virtually ALL Protestant families is hardly ever debated. That is also a wrong. I often hear people talk of Londonderry being a template of what can be achieved. What nonsense. This is a massively divided City and it offers little worth copying. 

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  1. according to some on here David, events like these are just political subtlieltes. No problem.

  2. Anyone – from whatever camp – guilty of such behavior might benefit by a 25 year no parole prison term to contemplate the errors of their ways

    And it wouldn’t exactly be hard to find out who is guilty of such crimes

  3. Throwing a petrol bomb at someones home should always be treated and charged as attempted murder and sentenced accordingly. How often does this happen. I would guess virtually never. Thugs who do such things must be reassured that even if caught they will almost certainly not even be jailed, let alone for a long long time.

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