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enniskillen300.jpgI see that self-confessed IRA terrorist, and co-equal First Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness has dismissed a report that he knew about the Enniskillen bombing days in advance as "completely false".

Was it weeks?

Jim Dixon — who was injured in the blast — said:

"It is unbelievable that a man who is involved in the council of the IRA, which was carrying out heinous atrocities, can sit in the government of our country. But I believe in a God above. God judges people. No man escapes."

I know Jim. He suffered horrendous injuries in the allegedly McGuinness-sanctioned bombing of the cenotaph. Incredibly, his eyes were so damaged that he can no longer cry – and God knows the sights that he witnessed that day would have made the strongest soul weep. It’s a terrible thing to exalt wicked men- but that is what the Northern Ireland peace process has done and good cannot come from it. I know some here may label me as a unionist who does not want to see political progress. Wrong. I am a human being who recoils in horror and rage when I see evil rewarded, that’s all.

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  1. I’m just watching Peter Taylor’s excellent BBC documentary. Calculated butchery by the IRA, what they did best. No concern for the "collateral damage" of civilian deaths, all "black bastards" in their parlance anyway.

  2. Indeed David. May I echo my countrymen in how moving your post is.

    However, a point of order re the BBC. In their article the were dispensing with the usual "allegedly" when saying MmG was involved in the bombing as IRA commander. It seems like the BBC has brass ones with this presentation.

  3. >>to exalt wicked men- but that is what the Northern Ireland peace process has done <<

    Wrong, David.

    MMcG was "exalted" by the people who voted him MP for his constituency, along with a score of other ex-IRA men. The "Northern Ireland peace process" merely recognised this large and continuing mandate as something that was not going to go away.

    Power sharing between Nationalists and Unionists was the official policy of all British governents since 1972. That policy did not change. If MMcG is now joint head of the NI executive it is ONLY because Sinn Fein was the largests party on the Nationalist side when power sharing was finally implemented, i.e. because people vote for them. If more people had voted SDLP, MMcG would be nowhere to be seen.

    You are blaming the Good Friday Agreement for MMcG as Deputy First Minister because you don’t agree with the politics of that agreement.

  4. Noel,

    With respect, Mahon/Daphne/Charles/Peter all get my point. I’ve said what I’ve said and the words are clear enough. I think back to the carnage – and to the words of those who survived – and I see the grinning goon McGuinness. What more need I add. Evil has been rewarded and I do not and will not accept that.

  5. The true horror of the last 40 years is that the sort of agreement we have now could almost certainly have been achieved without the bloodshed and terror and terrible waste of life. The British govt. never had any desire to stop the people of N.I finding a political accomodation amongst themselves.

  6. Sectarian murderers that is what the IRA/Sinn Fein are,guilty of the genocide of Protestants.
    Taylor was wrong to suggest otherwise,Bloody Friday,La Mon,Darkley tell the horrible truth of the matter.

    At Tullyhommen these heroic Republican freedom fighters even attempted the mass murder of the Boys and Girls Brigade.

    The pictures of Marty and Paisley chuckling have just taken on a new significance in the eyes of many Ulster people.

  7. David

    "was it weeks?"

    Very good question!!!


    It hardly bears thinking about what might have happened at Tullyhommen!

  8. These sectarian killers who targeted Protestant children are now in charge of our childrens education…..how sick is that?

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