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DISASTER is upon us.

The Six Nations arrives again and England’s plans lie in ruins. Poised to take Croke Park tomorrow, the Irish were preparing for Choke Park – until the accursed one-eyed son of the manse, King Midas-in-Reverse himself, guaranteed desolation for the away team. Yes, t’is done already, for this week the England rugby team visited Downing Street and doom will visit us.

Not even 250 stone of prime English beef can overcome such malevolence.


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13 thoughts on “Ireland Cannot Fail

  1. Enjoy the game tomorrow Pete. Hopefully going to be a good one. Croke park is one hell of a venue

  2. Kloot –

    Thanks, and you too. I’ll enjoy it whatever, and there’s no pressure now since defeat is assured.

    I’ll enjoy it all the more without any of that nancy-boy passing and running rugby.

    No, this is England in Dublin and I expect proper rugby. That is, two monster fat boy packs belting the daylights out of each other.

    Ireland by 10 points.

  3. This is one of those major international sporting events that almost no one this side of the Atlantic without a connection is even aware of.


    Hope it’s a terrific match.

  4. Phantom –

    Shame you’re on the west side of the pond. The only place to be tomorrow – if not at Croke Park – is in a decent boozer.

    Alexander Bowman –

    Now O’Driscoll is a magician amd he seems fit again. If he has space he’ll murder our midfield. But it shows my taste in rugby in that my favourite player of the last few years is Paul O’Connell. In defence, he’s a monster. Whether it’s for Munster or Ireland, at the breakdown, you can guarantee his big ginger head will be right in there damaging the opposition, always.

    He reminds me of Richard Hill of England’s world cup winnig team of 2003. No fuss, nothing to catch the eye, but the first player his team mates would choose to have with them.

  5. I don’t think the match is broadcast over here in the USA except in Pubs thanks to Setanta’s stranglehold on broadcasting rights.

  6. I –think– it is available here on Directv if you have certain international sports packages

  7. Pete

    As a Scot it’s unlikely that Brown will be rooting for England. Which must give you guys a chance, surely?

  8. Phantom – I used to have Setanta with direct TV but they wouldn’t show the match live because they have a cash bar trade.

    If you didn’t mind not reading the papers for a couple days or talking to anyone who might know what happended in a match, you might not mind waiting.

  9. Peter –

    No such luck. The Accursed One attended the Rugby World Cup Final – England vs Seff Efrica in Paris.

    The World Cup went south ….

  10. mahons

    You are correct- that is still how it works (I actually called Directv )

    Which again is penny wise and pound foolish since not everyone wants to go into a bar during the morning to watch a sports event–the only people who ever get to see this type of event on these shores are those who are already interested – those who show up at the pub or who pay for a special tv channel to see it days later.

    Rugby ( and English League soccer ) are rarely seen by most Americans, as those sports obscure themselves fairly well from most local eyes.

  11. Pete
    It may have not been great rugby buy as always England v Ireland throws up a close game. Having a few pints with some londeners here in my local. Concensus is were all having a good time

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