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The temptation to want to BAN things is particularly appealing to politicians like those in Dublin who have given up the right to exercise economic sovereignty and thus spend their time seeking the futile;

A TOTAL ban on the sale of alcohol in supermarkets, convenience shops and petrol stations is among proposals to tackle the country’s drinking problem. Children are now starting to drink at an average age of 14 compared to 16 just a decade ago, and a Dail committee said a radical overhaul is needed to change how alcohol is perceived, sold and marketed. The Joint Committee on Health and Children yesterday published ‘The Misuse of Alcohol and Other Drugs’ report, which noted binge and problem drinking is costing the State more than €3.5bn a year.

Great idea – that will really help the Irish economy and all those stores which rely on revenue from the alcohol they retail.

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8 thoughts on “IRELAND TO BAN ALCOHOL…

  1. As if people weren’t fleeing fast enough. You can just picture the ‘Joint Committee on Health and Children’. All bad suits, bad haircuts and a thousand years in the parasite sector behind them.

    The Republic’s future as a fourth-rate socialist basket-case is assured with these crackpots in Dublin.

  2. I don’t support this – which among other things would be bad for the tourist trade. You don’t think that tourists ever buy beer in a convenience store?

    They SHOULD do something. They, like their English and Scottish friends, have one very serious problem.

    But this isn’t the solution.

  3. Phantom:

    Was away for a weekend with some friends recently and while buying a few beers in the local shop commented how good the value was. Seconds later I turned around to see a newspaper headline flagging this ludicrous abolition.

    It punishes the majority who drink responsibely and moderately.

  4. It strikes as an unworkable proposal to a difficult problem. The fact that this proposal does not seem like it would work doesn’t mean that the issue shouldn’t be tackled head on.

  5. Many Irish ( like the other northern Europeans ) don’t know how to drink.

    That’s the problem. Not the price, and not where it is sold.

    You need education, of children and adults.

    You need continued, stern enforcement of traffic laws.


    But if you tax the hell out of it. Or God forbid if you ban it, you will encourage a return of illegal distilling or worse, as happened when Russia tried heavy handed tactics. It blew up in their faces.

  6. Irish politicians tend to over-react about ANYTHING that’s controversial. The banal cry of: “CALL FOR” is heard daily from every moronic person in the Republic with an axe to grind or an idiotic brainstorm on how to deal with social problems.

    Jails too crowded? CALL FOR releasing prisoners. The sensible solution would be to build and staff more prisons. But that’d cost money and that’s a definite NO-NO, …..Unless, of course, the monies are spent on pleasure. Remember “Thornton Hall”? It’s still a dung filled field after 10-years.

    Hospitals too crowded and Public Healthcare on the decline? Bash private healthcare and force the private Healthcare providers to triple their rates. Force a huge part of the population into the already overcrowded, inefficient system. Don’t allow the peasants to see how really good, efficient private Healthcare works because that would just bring on a rapid demise of the fatted calf. Funny, isn’t it. When ever a politician or fat cat gets really sick where does that person go? PRIVATE in the Republic or they flies to the States. Do as I say not as I do.

    Schools in dire condition both morally and physically? CALL FOR more staff cuts and parental “voluntary” contributions.

    Back to the BB (Booze Ban). It ain’t gonna happen my friends! Tesco, Dunnes, Lidl, Aldi and SuperValu will campaign and pull out the stops on pressuring the politicos. That’s just want the politicos want. They want moola and gratuities from the supermarket chains. They could give two shits about under-age drinking, the anti-social behaviour it causes and the physical injury and deaths that result from an undisciplined, unevolved, ignorant populace. After all peasants are a dime a dozen.

    It’s just another charade to make the moral minority believe the Leinster House Hoors are real caring souls.

    No matter how unlikely, even if it goes as far as a total ban the North-Dublin, Limerick gangs will be slapping each other on the backs and setting up a covert supply-line to Ulster and the continent. Heck the Gardai can’t even stem the flow of illegal diesel and fags let alone the much desired heroin. How are they going to plug the millions of spigots of alcohol?

  7. It does seem if the clowns who push the clarion call for the banning of sale of alcohol have never even read their history books.

    When the 18th amendment was passed, Americans who had yet to realise what was being done in their name woke to find that the foundations of Mob and Mafia rule were being built, as the Capones and the Colls found that power really did flow through the barrel of a gun.

    If people find that they cannot buy their booze legally and conveniently, the black-market booze merchants will flourish; the clowns will still get drunk, and the death merchants will have yet another golden opportunity to inflate their bank accounts!

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