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Sticks two fingers up to Biden.

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe has said that Ireland cannot be part of an international agreement on a minimum global tax rate of 15 per cent.

“What is on the table is an agreement that we cannot be part of,” he told RTÉ radio’s Morning Ireland […]

“We are committed to the negotiation to see if we can enter the agreement at some point, but I’m making the case for our 12.5 per cent. It has been a key feature of our economic policy for decades, and I’m so committed to it that I decided we couldn’t enter into the agreement.”

I have no problem with the Republic of Ireland choosing to remain a controversial offshore corporate tax haven. Brexiteers would cheers the statement of sovereignty and genuine liberals are always in favour of lower taxes, wherever they may be. I am a little amused that a gobernment so vehement in its opposition to others choosing what’s best for themselves now choosing what’s best for themselves.

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  1. You can’t have all countries agreeing on anything of this nature – without compulsion.

    It will be interesting to see how things are sorted.

  2. Noel – Biden pushed it, not the EU. When the EU comes up with something the ROI will fall into line.

  3. They have no power over the ROI outside of the EU. If this were a Franco/German proposal, pushed via the EU, they would have many pressure points and mechanisms to get their way.

    1. Sorry to hear Pete Moore has left ATW it would have been nice to get a reply to my post. Petre will be missed, always liked her.

  4. “Little Ireland will remain a tax haven, until Brussels says otherwise.

    Exactly. And time’s up for Ireland, it will soon have to raise its rate from 12.5% to a ruinous 15%. But cheer up, the UK rate will soon be 23% so there will still be room for beggar my neighbour, literally.

    And of course the headline rate is fairy tales anyway. The likes of Google and the rest of the gang usually pay well below 2% in Ireland thanks to numerous other “loopholes”. To be fair to Ireland, Luxemburg is even worse and much more corrupt.

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