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Well, we know that Irish nationality now means saying yes to German domination and I found this a very perceptive article by an Irishman;

But now, scared into submission by a supine government, the Irish electorate has given up the fight.  Worn out by years of austerity and fear that we will end up like Greece, my countrymen have simply thrown in the towel.  The grave consequence of this is that we have squandered even more of our economic sovereignty to people who, after five tortuous years, have still not figured out a way of solving a catastrophe of their own making. Our best hope now, it seems to me, is for this appalling experiment to collapse beneath the weight of its own hubris. Only then will Irish politicians be forced to start thinking of truly innovative ways to rebuild our devastated economy. Only then will they finally realise that, however difficult that process of rebuilding may be, it is far better than condemning their people to endless economic servitude.

This is correct, Ireland will only move to do the right thing when it has no more wrong options. Even as the Eurozone teeters on the cliff edge, the Irish say YES because they have been scared into not saying NO. So..

 “Why are the Irish politicians, sunk in austerity and sinking further, and with even fewer signs of growth than Britain, still endorsing this fantasy?’  The simple answer is that they lack courage.

They know, for example, that our debts are unsustainable. They know that instead of rewarding German banks and bond holders, they should be punished for their bad investments. They know that instead of bailing out toxic banks, they should have been let fail. They know that no one in this country – and I mean absolutely no one – can afford more ‘austerity’, and yet they persist in saying that our future recovery depends on it. Why?  Because they don’t want to offend those who, in their wisdom, have driven Europe to the brink of ruin.”

Pity Ireland – Germany’s little poster boy for submission.

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  1. German domination? Is the banking cartel which owns the Irish government German? That cartel has no nation and no nationality: it consists of people who have renounced any ties to their kin and are beholden only to money.

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