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Well now, the wife of Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson is quitting politics after admitting she is battling mental illness.

Iris Robinson, the Democratic Unionist MP for Strangford and a member of the Stormont Assembly, announced she is withdrawing from public life. She told the Press Association on Monday that she had severe depression.

Fair enough. If she is so unwell I am sorry to hear it, but she should immediately step down and let the people of the constituency speak as to who THEY want to represent him. A depressed MP is a liability and must do the decent thing and resign. So long as she collects salary and expenses she has a job to do and if this proves impossible for health reasons, then surely a by-election must be called? 

We have seen the House of Paisley crumble, is this the beginning of the end of the Swish Family Robinson? One Robinson down – one to go. 

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  1. Ha Ha When I am better able to do so, I want to say more about this period of my life. OMG here comes the misery memoir!

    She was neither use nor ornament, but rode the political coat tails of Peter Punt. Good riddance to bad rubbish, she was an embarrassment and a liability.

  2. David

    I’m also sorry she’s unwell. But your point about an early by-election is spot on. The DUP will quite likely try to dodge this bullet with the excuse that there will be a general election within six months, but it will be outrageous if they get away with it.

  3. I don’t know a lot about this person, but I have respect for the fact that she is open with her struggle with depression. This is the type of thing that was until very recently swept under the rug.

    Good luck to her in dealing with it.

  4. No Colm, much too lenient by far. Her criticisms of gay people on the radio show where an eejit like nolan could tie her in knots and did she learn from her experience, no she kept going back again several times, and then went awol. Theres no problem with views that bring controversy as long as you are able to defend them, but she couldn’t. Due to that imv this is why the conservatives hooked up to the UUP rather than the DUP – perhaps not, that may be wrong, but the idea was floated at the time from some quarters.

    She is not an able politician, and DV is right, even their sons are employed at Stormont. Nepotism unionist style, she wouldn’t know good governance if it jumped out and smacked her in her ugly gob. An utter joke.

    Bye Iris, time to give up your day job, with all its perks and grub.

  5. mahons its not, its a qualifying factor, it only becomes a disqualifying factor when they need to get rid of you. Iris can exit the stage with everybody feeling sorry for her, and Adams is so vulnerable too….

    It’s all so….sob, I can’t take this any more

    boo hoo

    Question is what next? Nigel Dodds needs a sex change, hes been trapped in a mans body for far too long?

  6. G is still on the Christmas Sherry !

    I need something to blot out the image of nigel dodds in a frock! That image simply popped into my head and out the keyboard..strange that. It’s all this talk of Adams and lies and child sex abuse and depression and operations, its simply too much for the ordinary anorak to take.

    Luckily for us DV is built of sterner stuff.

  7. G

    Why would you want to blot out the image of Nigel Dodds in a frock ? I mean, you’re as entitled to your fantasies as anyone else 🙂

  8. Depression is an illness that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

    Having said that Iris should have no problem in combatting the illness all she has to do is visit her psychologist colleague who she claimed had cured people from the mental illness of being gay. If he can do that he should have no problems in treating depression.

    In political terms I hope that there is a resignation and a bi-election. It will be interesting to see if JJ has the spools to stand a candidate in what would be the TUV’s first major electoral contest.

  9. David
    " A depressed MP is a liability"

    Churchill battled with depression. His black dog I think he called it.

    I wish Iris well.

  10. Seamus

    What was Churchill’s cure for it that would have offended Christian rules. Adultery ? Homosexuality ?. Eating meat on Good Friday ?

  11. The Devil’s Buttermilk, Colm, the Devil’s Buttermilk. Despite the fact that Christ turned Water into Wine, certain "Christians" frown upon drinking Alcohol.

  12. Seamus

    I guess that’s what you meant. I know he liked his ‘Golden syrup’. Those Christians who frown on the odd tipple should go the whole hog and become Muslims !

  13. Aileen,

    Churchill coped with black dog. Iris can’t. No shame in that at all, of course, but she SHOULD stand down and we’ll all get to see how well the DUP would do.

  14. David

    That may be so, but that it not what the phrase "A depressed MP is a liability" says.

    *takes off Disability Awareness Hat" and heads off to unload the washing machine

  15. Aileen

    Oh yes i forgot it’s only Catholics who follow that practise isn’t it. I have a great Aunt who is always extremely strict about never touching meat at all on any Fridays. Once when visiting her on a Friday I inadvertently offered her some crisps which she took . After chewing them she asked me what flavour they were. I said ‘Beef and Onion’ – if looks could kill..

  16. Colm
    I doubt that any involvement that those crisps had with beef was a cow walking through the flavouring on stilts!!

    (and I made an unfortunate typo which would have been an ever more spectacular acheivement for a cow!!!)

    (Oh and just realised that there was a bit of Ulster Scots in there too :o) )

  17. Whilst I regret the illness that Mrs. Robinson now claims to suffer from, I remember her as an arrogant, nasty woman, who as Chair of the Health Committee at Stormont made outrageous and untruthful comments to the Minister of Health, Michael McGimpsey. She was also prominent in the verbal fisticuffs outside the UUP Headquarters, Cunningham House. So, personally I won’t miss her…..she was a disgraceful example of a woman and typical of the DUPe variety who pollute our political landscape at present.

  18. she was a disgraceful example of a woman…

    How bloody sexist !. She’s not an example of a woman. She is an individual. She is Iris , just Iris !

  19. Colm…..My comment was certainly not sexist….Iris was an example of how a lady should not behave….a female bully is every bit as nasty as a male one….she was an example of a female bully. Nasty person. No wonder she’s got depressed. She was hated within the DUPes as well as by many others within other parties.

  20. Define sexist Colm……she may be an individual but a poor example of one in my opinion. I have seen her in action from less than six feet and she was a nasty spiteful person. No wonder she’s depressed.

  21. I always found Iris Robinson’s personna on the TV and very forbidding but in person very charming. One of the meetings I had with her was about Dyspraxia and indeed she was one of the few MPs to have not just heard about it, but had actually asked questions in the House about it.

    She also came with me when I had my meeting with Hanson after the thankfully aborted OTR legisation stuff when I got Mark Durkan and Lembit Opik and her to come along as witnesses and back up.

    On the general point, I am not sure what the corelation one should expect from being spiteful and being depressed. I could see that being depressed could perhaps turn to spite but would not expect spite to cause depression.

  22. Lembit Opik who attended the durex 80th birthday party with a model, he’s another embarrassment to politics, and the lib dems in particular. Awful he had to pay back the money for his wig of £30 that he charged the tax payer for, and that big plasma tv. Two and a half grand he had to pay back, he’s another one too fond of sticking his paw into the cookie jar. £23,000 on a second home allowance, disgraceful sponger. Now if only he would go….Look how much we’d all save if they both went. Staggering .

  23. Whilst i’m no fan of the DUP or Mrs.Robinson, i am sorry to hear of her illness and admire her courage in ‘going public’ with it.
    Get well soon, Iris. My thoughts and prayers are with you today.

  24. I suffer a bit from depression too, and I wish people would stop calling it a mental illness – sounds like we’re all rocking to-and-fro in suits that tie at the back. Most depression is rooted in experiential norming (childhood, values, relationships, social abuse, guilt), which makes it a psychological ailment rather than a mental illness. I wish they’d stop saying that. It makes me go mental (oops).

  25. Sorry BU but depression is mental illness. The issue isn’t that it is called that. The issue is what people think of as mental illness.

  26. Can I simply say that I wish anyone who has this issue my sincere best wishes and that INCLUDES Iris. But she should stand down right now because SHE says SHE is unable to carry out her job. You know this won’t happen so the DUP political agenda takes precedence. Always.

  27. It’s my understanding BU that depression is a disorder caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain brought about by emotional or physical trauma which medication such as anti-depressants attempt to redress by increasing / reducing the unequal chemicals.

    In this context it was my belief that it was a psychiatric rather than psychological condition in the sense that psyciatrists, [who are qualified MD’s], were the only ones authourised to prescribe medication to treat the condition.

    I agree with Aileen’s 10.01

  28. What is wrong with using the term mental illness. To object to that is to imply that there is something ‘shameful’ about it. Mental illness, is something that happens to people just as physical illness does. It should be considered no more shameful than developing a physical ailment or disability.

  29. Paul (McMahon), chemical imbalance is often at the root of clinical depression, but not non-clinical (which happens to be my thing). Whatever the cause, it’s a right old b*gger, but thankfully beatable in most cases. There are extreme cases that need psychiatric treatment, but for most counselling from a good psychologist can produce great results without medication. I wish Iris well.

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