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The Irish Government seeks to use a little reverse leverage on Frau Merkel and her Euro-Gaulieters;

“The Irish government has suddenly complicated the picture by requesting debt relief from as a reward for upholding the integrity of the EU financial system after the Lehman crisis, though there is no explicit linkage between the two issues. “We carried an undue burden for protecting the European banking system from contagion,” said finance minister Michael Noonan. “We are looking at ways to reduce the debt. We would like to see our European colleagues address this in a positive manner. Wherever there is a reckless borrower, there is also a reckless lender,” he said, alluding to German, French, British and Dutch banks. Mr Noonan hinted that Dublin is asking for some of interested relief on a €31bn EU promissory noted linked to the Anglo Irish fiasco, among other matters.”

You have to some sympathy with Noonan! Ireland allowed itself to take a bullet to postpone the “contagion” that rages through the Eurozone but expecting thanks for this is another matter.

Mr Noonan said the country will stay the course with unbending austerity, even though nominal gross national product (GNP) has already contracted by 22pc. Public wages have fallen 12pc on average under Ireland’s “internal devaluation” policy to regain competitiveness within EMU. There are likely to be further wage cuts in the December budget. “We have to face reality. There is no painless way, no soft option: we’re going to cut spending drastically, but with social cohesion. We don’t want the situation we see in Greece with people on streets and the foundations of state under threat. We’re not going that route.”

Not so sure that is the case – as Ireland imposes necessary austerity, as its property bubble collapses leaving half the country in negative equity, as unemployment sits dangerously high, and as a large immigrant community still remains within the small country, I wonder will the people take it all lying down? Maybe they will, but then again…

Europe's plans for treaty changes to enforce fiscal discipline in the eurozone may fall foul of popular anger in Ireland unless the EU creditor states agreee to share more of the pain.


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  1. Irish martyrs – here are some who were martyred:


    – For 17 years the British authorities have lied about the fatal RAF helicopter crash on the Mull of Kintyre in which 25 senior counterinsurgency personnel were killed. Now Global Research reveals new evidence showing that the loss of life was an intentional act of sabotage.
    It was the worst single loss of life by Britain’s Royal Air Force since the Second World War. On the evening of 2 June 1994, an RAF Chinook military helicopter slammed into a mountainside on the Mull of Kintyre in thick fog, killing all 29 onboard. Among the dead were four RAF crew and 25 of Britain’s senior counterinsurgency personnel. The latter – including British Army officers and mainly members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary – had overseen Britain’s “dirty war” operations against Irish republican militants during 25 years of conflict in Northern Ireland. –

    – In addition, the men onboard that Chinook would take to their graves many dark secrets about Britain’s “dirty war” operations, including how British forces colluded with Protestant loyalist death squads. These proxy death squads were armed and instructed by British Intelligence and are believed to have carried out over 300 murders of republicans and ordinary Catholics during the course of the 1969-1994 conflict – nearly 10 per cent of the total number of dead. Also, as Kennedy notes about the personnel onboard the Chinook: “These men dedicated their lives to fighting the IRA. They were not going to give up on their missions easily. From the British government point of view, they would have been viewed as an obstacle to the peace process it was trying to initiate. They were military men, not politicians.” –

    I don’t believe a word of it because governments don’t do things like that. Ask Troll: he’ll confirm it.

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