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The scene: A quiet living-room of a home in Durham City. The snow has been falling, but the central heating is keeping the home warm.

The home-owner is seated in front of his computer, deep in the plot of a story he has been writing. He is concentrating on a line of dialogue from one of the plotters in his book, when the phone rings. The home owner has identified all his usual callers; family members, relatives, a few friends whom he would wish to talk with, but the call is anonymous. The phone keeps ringing, so he reaches out and answers.

“Hello, who’s calling?”

“This is the UK Claims office calling, Ahmed speaking.”

“I have no knowledge of any UK Claims business, nor of anyone named Ahmed. Please identify yourself, and why you are calling.”

“I am calling to ask if you wish to make a compensation claim for the injuries you suffered during your car accident three months ago….”


“F#@~ Off!!!”


Bloody Telephone so-called Preference System



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5 thoughts on “Is anyone home?

  1. Why do you not use the ‘do not call’ list. When you list on it any company that calls you when they are not allowed to can be prosecuted.

  2. Some spam calls now come from overseas, away from the reach of any national regulator.

    Not good

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