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The starting point is to accept that Hezbollah has a terrorist wing. Hezbollah has already been blacklisted by the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK and the Netherlands, however the EU hasn’t ..yet.

EU foreign ministers are due to meet to discuss calls to list the military wing of Lebanese militant group Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation.  The move requires the agreement of all the EU’s 28 member states. If they agree, it will become illegal for Hezbollah sympathisers in Europe to send the group money or for European diplomats to meet its militant staff. The BBC’s Chris Morris in Brussels says the EU is moving closer to a decision, but some members are unenthusiastic.

Which members might they be? Why is there any doubt that Hezbollah are terrorists? Hezbollah’s record of terrorism agains Israel is simply a matter of the obvious – hence the US, UK etc all recognising this through the blacklist. So what is it about the EU that brings a certain hesitation? Might it be that like Hezbollah, hatred of Israel runs deep in Brussels? Hezbollah are backing Assad in Syria and that is what is causing some concern amongst some EU members but I sincerely doubt if the EU can find the moral strength to follow the example of others and blacklist this wicked gang of terrorists.

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