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The following is a video of a guy asking IRS Henchwoman Lois Lerner questions. Now the video has an add for a book at the front of it. I don’t know the book, I haven’t read the book and I don’t care about the Author or the book.

Do you feel this is justified? What’s your opinion.

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5 thoughts on “Is this wrong?

  1. This type of stalking ” just asking questions ” stunt isn’t good when done by Michael Moore, by the goons of local TV, or when done by this nobody.

  2. I don’t care what the woman did. She looks scared.

    You pursue a person in court, not across their neighbors lawn.

  3. I actually think the name calling and breast beating that occurs frequently on this site (Muzzies etc) is more offensive than this reporter’s questioning of Lerner.

    And in case you didn’t know, Lerner was pursued in court and we have been told that her agency destroyed the evidence.

    Lerner gets away with such nonsense because she and the Democrats have the political power to get away with such nonsense.

    To me, this is one example where our free press really is exercising “truth to power.” Considering the power and abuse that the IRS exercised at Lerner’s direction I think she should just answer the reporter’s questions instead of hiding behind Obama’s skirts.

  4. Chasing someone to the door of their home is threatening behavior. It crosses an ethical line.

  5. Patty the woman should be behind bars. The fact that she is not is evidence of how far our political system has collapsed. The woman should be hounded by the press with stories and exposes. Not in this manner.

    I’m sorry pursuing someone with a camera across their neighbors lawns is wrong. Even though I loath this creature, because that’s what she is an evil creature. I would have let her in and given the reporter and camera man a piece of my mind. (I know I can’t spare it…)

    After they left, and I got her out of my house I would of course disinfect it.

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