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Here is another very helpful video – for those who seek to understand what the Flotilla is all about. When the Gazan “Islamic scholar” concerned talks of “Khaybar” he refers to the destruction of a Jewish settlement. It has to be obvious that the so-called Flotilla was Jihad on the high seas. Have to say how disgusted I am by the comments of William Hague – that gutless little shill. 

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  1. its important when things like this happen to be honest about our beliefs.

    i support Israel, and will do so untill i die. the decision to send troops in was a politcal mistake (though i dont shed a tear for the dead) but whether it was a mistake or not i support democracies over islamist gay killing, momen stoning scum. i support Israel over marxist fellow travellers who think islam will help the cause and Israel is an easy target.

    and quite honestly i see these dead "activists" in the same light as i see ira supporters. they are equally as responsible for the hamas violence as the gunmen.

    I can see that supporting Israel will become seen as wrong, but just because your opinion is not the majorities does not make it wrong.

    "My country. May she allways be right, but right or wrong, my country.


  2. David, are you aware there was on board one of the ships a US Navy veteran, Joe Meadors, who was signalman on the USS Liberty, a ship Israeli attacked in very much the same place in 1967, killing 34 of the crew. Joe survived and yesterday conducted a memorial service on his ship for American soldiers who died in that attack.

    Now, your perverse world transforms Joe Meadors into a "Jihadist", for doing nothing but call attention to Israel’s crimes.

  3. Noel,

    Useful fools come in all shapes and sizes, most are to be condemned, and some are to be pitied, and others, just don’t know the time of day!…He may well have been there in all sincerity, it would matter little to the organisers of this escapade, – they care even less for human life than you do.

    p.s. – Did they actually hold a service, and was the boat he was on actually the one that was attacked?

  4. >>it would matter little to the organisers of this escapade,<<

    Oh, what do you know about who organised this venture, apart from the crap you pick up in the blockhead sites that form your opinions? The expedition was an initiative of several groups, under the coordination of western Europen (not Turkish) organisations; it had the backing of members of the US Congress, Nobel Laureats, Jews, including Holocaust survivors, the family of the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit…..

    But of course our Ernest, he sitting on his arse in England, HE knows the real truth about the organisers and is telling it on ATW. Yeah.

  5. Noel. You say that the expedition was co-ordinated by western european organisations, would be the same organisations who appease Islamic hate preachers and welcome terrorists with open arms? We have already seen a so called "peaceful" demonstration in England over this incident.


    Israel were right in taking the actions that they did, the convoy was offered safe passage and refused it. Just because Europe kneels down and allows it’s borders to be open to Islam does not mean that Israel must do the same. This is the start of a new era, an era where Jihad will not be tolerated by the masses any more. Remember Churchill said "An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last", the political elite are doing just that and they are doing it at their peril.

  6. "….the family of the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit….."

    Could you give me a bit more on that, Noel. Is he being held hostage by somebody in gaza? Perhaps that is why his family are apparently supporting this flotilla?

  7. Sticks and stones time. Who gives a rat’s behind what a bunch of rowdies in the flotilla THINK or SAY. They fact is they didn’t DO anything to justify the boarding in that area, let alone the use of force.

  8. The USS Liberty attack in 1967 seems to me to have been a moment of gross negligence on the part of Israel as opposed to deliberate attack, though some credible people and some not so credible people disagree. But I don’t think anyone can say it wasn’t downplayed by both the US and Israel. Of course similar incidents occured between allies throughout history and similar looking away.

    In any event if we focus on this flotilla incident, it is distressing to find Israel exhibiting the recklessness of North Korea. Both nations could do with a new leader, however dear they are to some.

  9. The attack on the USS Liberty was a crime, an act of insanity. When I was in the Navy, there were still people angry about it. There should have been an extremely harsh response from the US at the time, but there was not.

  10. Noel: " it had the backing of members of the US Congress"

    …like Cynthia McKinney, ex-Congressperson who had a run-in with the Capitol police — she felt that it was racist that she had to identify herself. ( It didn’t make any sense at the time, either.)

    Here is a video of the "New Black Panthers" escorting McKinney after election loss. They don’t want to be filmed so the New Black Panthers hurl anti-Jewish/anti-Israel invective at the reporters filming them.

    The word "provocative" (not peaceful) comes to mind when you mention McKinney.

  11. Noel,

    I doubt very much Joe Meadors is a jihadist.

    He’s simply been duped by the Islamic terrorists and has retained memories of the "accidental" attack on his "spy ship" by the IDF.

  12. Noel,

    ‘But of course our Ernest, he sitting on his arse in England’ – at least I am sitting on mine, not talking out of it, like you!…

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