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How long before we see Simon Cowell with a beard and Cheryl Cole in a Burqa? Malaysia’s television search for its next religious leader using an X Factor style format came to a conclusion on Friday night.

Young Imam” has taken the country by storm and the production company is now in talks with television channels in several other Islamic countries, including Egypt and Turkey.

In the show, 10 aspiring young imams aged 19 to 27 have been given various tasks each week, such as reciting the Koran, washing corpses, counselling couples who have applied for divorce and slaughtering chicken and sheep according to Muslim rules.


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3 thoughts on “ISLAM’S GOT TALENT?

  1. How about the proper technique for beheading?

    Or maybe, suicide belt designing.

    How about a "proper Stoning demo" of a 12-year old girl for allowing herself to be raped by a gang of thugs?

    Heeeeeere’s Islam!

  2. Hah! Fantastic, what a chuckle.

    Clearly, Islam’s got a soft spot for decadent western culture too. We’ll corrupt them yet.

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