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Delighted to see that Israel has struck back at the Hamas rocketeers who have taken time out from enjoying the luxurious shopping facilities in the most oppressed part of the known Universe to try and kill some Jews.

Late Friday aircraft shot at least four missiles at buildings used by Hamas security forces in Gaza City, wounding eight, medics said. Warplanes also hit smuggling tunnels on the border with Egypt, without causing casualties, witnesses said.

Hamas do not seek peace. They seek the destruction of Israel. The Hamas enablers on the Hate Flotillas are in essence backing the Qassam rocketing of Israel and as such are, as I described them at the time, terror enablers.

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8 thoughts on “ISRAEL FIGHTS BACK!

  1. This is what I cannot understand. Hamas and Fatah proclaim their objective of driving Israel into the sea at every opportunity. Furthermore they constantly take action to further their objective and are quite open about their aims. We, however, do not seem to believe them and get upset whenever Israel, who does, takes preventative action. It is an upside world we live in.

  2. Islam is often described as, "the religion of peace", but it translates more accurately as submission , not peace. And I suspect the submission they are thinking about is ours to them, not theirs to their god. Seen from this perspective, Hamas will never ever agree to live peacefully side-by-side with Israel, so diplomacy’s a waste of time.

    Cameron has been badly briefed by (the mainly pro-Arab) FCO and has fallen into a trap, the fool.

  3. minor targets, they also need to take out the new launchers in lebenon that are sitting on the hospital, daycare, and mosque roofs, and then we all have to bomb Iran

  4. Troll

    But it won’t be you doing the fighting and dying when this happens. It will be someone else.

  5. Troll is like an excited child opening his new Playstation war game. Bomb Bomb Bomb! . Loud Noises! bang bang bang ! Wow this is really cool man 🙂

  6. Palestinians do not = muslims. A significant part of the population are Christian. This is a political war with religious and racial undertones the same as the NI conflict is more about ‘tribes’ than the church.

    Regarding the conflict – look at the difference in death toll on both sides, the figures speak louder than any arguments can.

  7. Indeed BM. The Palestinian Christians are being expelled from their homes in Bethlehem etc and are having to seek refuge in the zionist entity.

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