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The Republican primary race is over, the real battle for the Presidency has yet to begin. Wounds must be sealed, and blood wiped from the floor that’s what the Convention will now be about. Gingrich will orchestrate, and bind the factions. Romney will be the standard bearer, the VP is a crap shoot right now. Allen West, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio,  Paul Ryan, other parties yet to be named. I could hope for Newt himself but that is very unlikely. He will be the one that shapes the platform, and do the behind the seen arm breaking. That is after all his true strength.

As for Romney he’ll do. His current advisers will be slaughtered at the convention, and a platform will be shaped.

I want to address the Tea Party.   The mistaken view of who, and what a lot of you think they are. The Tea Party are not the Republican Party. They are using the Republican Party as a means to an end, they are not card carrying devotees. What the Tea Party is, is just a constitutionalist grassroots movement that believe in our economic security, our energy security, and our national security. Those beliefs cross all lines. The Republican party benefits from it the most because of who the Democrats are.

The Democrat party is controlled by the Progressives. Communist, Progressives, Fabian Socialists, Statists, Marxists, what ever you want to call them, they believe in anti individual sovereignty, anti economic freedom and anti limited fiscal government. They do not believe the same beliefs in that the founding fathers had, they believe in the methods and policies of, Marx, Engels, and Alinsky. Those are just facts that can’t be denied. Their primary thread is the collective, not the individual.

The past 4 years have been the culmination of those that started their machinations at the turn of the 20th century. The level of misery that we have reached, and the level they want to continue to advance us toward is in plain view. It will not be allowed to continue.

Those are the battle lines.

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29 thoughts on “It cracks me up

  1. “The Republican primary race is over,”

    You don’t say! And after you’ve been telling us for months that it won’t be over until the Convention.

    Tell me: does it not get boring being wrong ALL the time?

  2. never.

    Noel life is about being wrong,
    Why do we fall?
    So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

  3. “The Republican primary race is over ..”

    So say “the experts” on the box who had Palin, Cain and even Huntsman as front runners. The reality is that Ron Paul has many more delegates than the corporate media is reporting and that, since Santorum was told by God to drop out, evangelicals have been meeting with Ron Paul. Those Santorum delegates? It ain’t necessarily so that they’ll go to Romney …

  4. Oh Ron Paul again

    He might attract a few fundies wgo cant deal with a Mormon president

  5. Troll –

    As Noel points out above, your predictions aren’t always spot on. Mine, demonstrably, are bang on.

    I think Romney will be installed, by hook or outrageous crook, but I also think it’s alot closer than you’re being told.

  6. no I KNOW how close the delegate count is, I did a post a month ago called making sausage that told the tale of what the tin foil hat brigade was upto. But Paul is to easily blackmailed, he is the largest recipient of earmark money in the congress, and honestly cares about his son’s future in politics. He has already been dealt with.

    After Santorum bailed, Pauls arm was the first to be broken.

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day, you people may not like me, most of my party does not like me and my ilk. We are the operatives that foot soldier for the party, work the polls, run meetings etc, but we don’t work for the government. We can’t be influenced by either threat or promotion.

    The Tea Party voters are also outsiders that Obama has provoked into involvement. They truly helped people like me. Right now it’s leverage.

  7. Troll: This is a really good post. Totally on point, especially your take on the Tea Party and how Tea Party principles cross all lines and how the Dems have morphed into statists, or collectivists, departing from America’s founding and traditions of individualism.

    Did you happen to hear Jim Demint – he says that the Republican Party is no longer about moderates getting along with Conservatives – moderates are basically Dems-lite and their time has passed in the Republican Party – but the conversation now is about Conservatives and Libertarians within the Republican Party.

    Exciting times.

    Anybody But Obama, 2012

  8. What’s up with the critique that if you don’t foretell the future somehow your comments aren’t legit?

    People, the future cannot be predicted. Politics, like global warming, is not science. Got that?

    Politics is a moveable feast and blog posts and comments are not scientific polls.

    And trying to disqualify an opponents opinions because the person somehow failed at a “prediction” is just another way of avoiding a substantive discussion – it’s another way of “winning argument with ad hominem” rather than attempting to actually address an issue.

  9. Patty they don’t understand that I am willing to state my beliefs, and stand by them and except the results. They think it gives them a club to beat me with.

    I liked Newt, I’ve followed his whole career and admire his accomplishments. So of course I supported him. I hated McCain but truly didn’t believe the American people were stupid enough to elect a devout communist.

    So I was wrong, but politics is a long term fluid game. If you continue to fight even after you loose eventually you’ll either win or influence.

    Look at the careers of Nixon, and Reagan, you never quit, and you learn how to take a punch

  10. //And trying to disqualify an opponents opinions because the person somehow failed at a “prediction” is just another way of avoiding a substantive discussion – it’s another way of “winning argument with ad hominem//

    Failed at “A” prediction? Patty, Troll constantly makes arrogant and boastful predictons, calling anyone who disagrees a fool, and these predictions are ALWAYS wrong. It means that nobody with any sense can take his opinions in any way seriously (even if they weren’t already discounted for the patent nonsene they are). For example; when Troll swaggers: “Those are just facts that can’t be denied.” you can always be sure what he is saying is total lies, as it again is in this case.

  11. anyone that says ALWAYS is a fool…. Fool

    So here we see the sweet Noel exclaiming that NOW even my opinions are lies…. lol you really are pathetic

  12. Wouldn’t it be more interesting, Noel, if Pete at 2:22 explained why he doesn’t think the primary race is over in more detail — rather than ad hominem comments like: “So say “the experts” on the box who had Palin, Cain and even Huntsman as front runners.” ???

    And wouldn’t it be more interesting, Noel, if you explained why you take umbrage with Troll’s contention that the Republican primary is now over rather than your testy little ad hominem comment at 2:00???

    Seriously. I am interested in why both you and Pete seem to think that Romney is not the candidate.

    Now, I realize that I might be missing the point. and that ad hominem snark might very well be the only point – that would be just like me – I can thick as a board sometimes – so, personal attack is really the point of ATW? or at least it is for about 80% of the time? Afterall, why would you proud members of the Statist EU even care about the primary in America?

  13. has anyone else noticed that when a discussion is being had, Noels comments are never actually on the subject. They tend to be attacks against whoever put forth a view the he disagrees with, yet he doesn’t put forth his view or why the others view doesn’t have merit. He just spews personal bile, must be sad to be so often out his depth as he continues to show he is.

    I’ll pray for him

  14. To be honest, there is a certain art to good snark.

    But after a point it becomes a dull sword – and I think the Noel v Troll dust-up schtick needs retooling.

  15. Patty Pete did have a point under his tin foil. Ron Paul through rigging the second part of the caucus states had actually placed more of his people into convention delegate positions than anyone else, but the super delegates, and the state party chairmen have basically removed his leverage. Gingrich and Delay (even though they despise each other) are working on the ground level to actually create a real platform. There are also others, but they’re the two strongest inside the apparatus.

    Ron Paul has been given a set of choices, all are ones that don’t effect to badly on what’s left of his career, but weigh heavily on whether his son will be able to last over 30yrs like he has. Paul is a kook, but he ain’t dumb.

  16. Troll –

    You have no idea what the delegate count it. Yes, you explained the process a whole month ago. Ron Paul’s strategy has been openly and deeply discussed on many a Ron Paul forum ever since he entered the race.

    If you’d asked me I could have told you all about it last year. The GOP and corporate were so busy ignoring him that it was only recently that they noticed what he was doing, and that’s when you they told you and you came rushing in with the exclusive.

    Yes, you’re a loyal foot soldier. You’re so loyal that you even voted for a man you believe is a traitor. That is quite remarkable blind faith in the party which has done at least as much as the Dems to bankrupt your country, but then they’re two wings of the same bird of prey.

    No, Obama did not ‘provoke’ Tea Party types. The GOP provoked them into action as much as The Kenyan. I’ve told you before that the Tea Party sprang out of Ron Paul’s support base in the 2007 campaign and it was as much opposed to the GOP mainstream as it was to the Dems.

  17. I don’t have the spirit to really go at him, he took the fun out of it awhile ago, I would prefer he not comment on my threads, but oh well

  18. Woah.

    Troll –

    What’s that?

    “Pete did have a point under his tin foil. Ron Paul through rigging the second part of the caucus states had actually placed more of his people into convention delegate positions than anyone else”

    Almost correct. Ron Paul has played it by the book, a book designed to diddle him in the first place. He took the GOP’s own rules and turned them against the party. He can do that because he’s a very smart chap, and by a long way the smartest man in the GOP.

    But at least we finally have it after months of repeating whatever the TV experts say: Ron Paul has actually been doing rather well.

  19. Pete a traitor is still more respectable than a communist, and You don’t have to tell me anything about Paul. This is not his first bid for the presidential election. Hell you think he’s against earmarks, when is the undisputed king of them.

    As for the Tea Party and the GOP who did they support in 2010….

    Stop drinking the koolaid

  20. “Patty Pete did have a point under his tin foil.”

    yes, I noticed that when I reread his comment. ut Ron Paul will not be the Republican candidate – despite his machinations – he can’t just come into the Convention out of the blue and say, hey, remember me? I have been largely absent on the national stage for months but vote for me for President! it’s a ridiculous idea.

    “Gingrich and Delay (even though they despise each other) are working on the ground level to actually create a real platform.”

    This is very interesting. I hope to God that they are creating a Conservative platform!

    I think Pete (and Jim Demint) are correct that Ron Paul and the LIbertarian movement need to be taken into account and integrated somehow, if we ever want to shrink government and shrink the debt.

    Do you know if this is the case?

  21. This is like teaching a remedial class.

    Troll –

    There’s no need to guess or make up anything. I’ve pointed you to Ron Paul’s own words on earmarks previously. He explains clearly why he does what he does.

  22. Gingrich and Delay are more likely working on a dancing with the stars routine. They both have no part in the party platform, they are pariahs in their own party.

  23. coming from a NY Democrat that means so much…lol

    Pete, he admits he’s a fraud, and I’ve used that quote against him in the past. He is a career politician that is the head of the tin foil hat brigade.

    Patty Gingrich and Delay have also been speaking to Demint,

  24. I think Romney has a decent chance in November. The state of the economy will settle it, and it could be pretty ugly again by then. But the Fed will print money like crazy which will help Obama get re-elected. QE3 is already a done deal.

    I don’t think the VP pick makes much difference. After all, no VP has become POTUS since Gerald Ford.

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