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I have often considered the dichotomy which exists whenever either a ‘celebrity’, a media performer or a ‘person famous for being famous’ breaks an unworldly silence, unworldly that is from the point of view that they, the celebs/performers/famous are hardly ever silent anyway. Name me an actor, or a show-business presenter of almost any type, and I would guarantee that they have ‘proven expertise’ or hardened opinion’ on any other subject under the sun.

Conjure up a name, a well-known name, within the entertainment world, and you find an inexhaustible supply of ready-made opinions or even ‘accepted truths’ on any item which is under discussion within this diverse and troubled world of ours.

Martin Sheen,the star of ‘The West Wing’ t.v series, itself possibly one of the best political series of all time, spearheaded support for Obama before the election, and has since supported such foolishness as ‘gay marriage’ and other ultra-trendy ideas. Americans listened to him, and his opinions, and possibly some were influenced, despite the fact that Martin Sheen is an actor, and nothing else!  Jack Nicholson came out strongly for Clinton, and his views were widely reported over millions of others because his was a name and a message which the media wanted to hear.

Similarly in Great Britain, the idea of ‘celebrity support’ is loved by the dead tree press and t.v. because the names are well-known; so the views of those well-known names must be correct, because who would dare to go against the views of ‘Katie Price’ or a cast member of ‘Eastenders’ who spoke on politics for example.

I know that exercise is good for me. I state this not only because I am educated and aware, but also because my disgustingly-intelligent daughter won’t let me forget it. Similarly, just about every sentient English, Scots, Northen Irish and Welsh person in these Isles knows that exercise is good for us. What we do with that knowledge is our business, and ours alone. What I, and possibly millions of others, don’t need is yet another ‘personality’ telling us what we already know. So it is with some reluctance that I tell Kate Humble to shut up, leave us alone, and allow us to go to hell in our own, very quiet and very personal way!

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14 thoughts on “‘It should be obligatory…!’

  1. Should work both ways. For example.

    “In my opinion Gordon Brown is a towering genius who has made Britain what it is today”. Signed Fred & Rose West Gloucester.

    “I always support Labour” – Raoul Moat

    and so forth.

  2. “Never trust Peter Moore’s interpretation of American history”
    Abraham Lincoln.

  3. Good luck to Lincoln in pointing one error – just one error – in my assertions.

    Back on topic, the lovely Humble is out of her BBC mind. No-one loves being in the great outdoors more than me. The benefits of a decent stroll through our green and pleasant land or up a mountain are as much mental as physical and children would benefit hugely by being dragged away from iPS3 thingy.

    But gettnig children into the country is vital for its protection?!

    It should be compulsory?

    Daft mare.

  4. Kate Humble is talking about school children, not adults. Given the epidemic of child obesity, anything which encourages chhildren to exercise must be welcome, except to right-wing ideologues who would welcome a McDonalds at every school gate. The Thatcher-inspired sell off of school playing fields has a lot to answer for.

  5. Which epidemic is that then?

    Are the epidemic statistics from the same people who forecast thousands dead from vCJD, or the hundreds of thousands dead from Swine Flu, or those who drowned from the melting waters of Climate Change?

  6. Yes Pete,
    I’m SO glad that New Improved Labour reversed that trend during the last THIRTEEN years
    …or was John Prescott too busy squeezing ever more “hobbit houses” into the South East??

  7. Hate Mumbles is not lovely too nervy for that.
    Anyway how can a lovely woman then become a “daft Mare”?

    When you think about it us kids of the 40’s 50’s and 60’s HAD to do stuff like that anyway……

  8. Peter: Don’t conflate calories with obesity.

    Excess calories cause obesity — while exercise helps tone muscles, including the heart muscle.

    You can burn perhaps 200 calories in 45 minutes walking — which is not very much.

    The real benefit of exercise is not weight reduction but a feeling of well-being that helps one not to crave inappropriate amounts of food. But, a child can play hours upon hours of soccer and still be obese if they finish each game with a 2000 calorie meal.

  9. Interesting.
    But Patty, why then are sports people, eg tennis players, usually told to gorge tons of calories – usually in pasta etc – the evening before an important match.

  10. Noel, sports nutrition is not an exact science and my knowledge is incomplete – bearing this in mind, here is my understanding:

    For energy, your body burns carbs first, then fats, and as a last resort, protein.

    Before exercising, carbs are consumed because carbs are the most efficient source of energy. The night before a competition, the competitive runners I know always eat a plate of pasta for energy — but they don’t eat gobs, just normal portions.

    Immediately after strenuous exercise or competion, it is also important to eat. The runners I know always eat after a strenuous competition – directly after the competion – they’ll have pizza, a sandwich – anything – it’s important to eat something to prevent muscle depletion. In other words, the body will start burning muscle for energy if nothing else is available.

    Some say that protein should be consumed after exercise because it helps to build back muscle. I use a protein powder – called “Muscle Man” — it’s probably wishful thinking more than anything else, but it tastes good and I add fruit to it for a delicious smoothie! and it is light in calories. (which I like)

    Also, all athletes are encouraged to “pee clear” — in other words, drink a lot of water throughout the day. Everyday. Current coaching is adamant about this.

  11. “Also, all athletes are encouraged to “pee clear” — in other words, drink a lot of water throughout the day. Everyday. Current coaching is adamant about this.”
    Geriatric coaching DOESN’T encourage this..
    Unless your sportswear is specially adapted.

    I used to be mad keen on jogging
    until my 55th birthday..

    ‘Scuse me, I gotta go….. 🙂

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