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Trawling through the newspages on t’Internet, and came across this superb comment apropos the Airbus 380, dated when the first Airbus was being assembled in Toulouse.

From a Mr. Michael Larcombe, Ruislip, Middlesex  comes the tiny gem "Something that big should have more engines – eight at least, and more wings. I would prefer it to be a bi-plane."

Seeing as the wingspan of the A380 is in fact longer than the distance covered by first flight of the Wright Brothers all those years ago, I reckon the days of the bi-plane are just about over, as you just don’t see many around at all! Wonder why?

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6 thoughts on “it’ll never get off the ground!

  1. Mike

    There are many Tiger Moths still flying and other air display bi-planes as well, such as various Pitts machines.

    But I think tri-planes disappeared in 1918 afther the death of Baron Von Richtofen 🙂

  2. Hmmm…I guess the larger and heavier an aeroplane is, the more forward thrust is required from its engines to preserve its momentum. Other than that I can’t comment. Does a bi-plane double its lift merely by having double wings? I don’t know.

  3. Biplanes provide too much drag at speed which is why the dissapeared

    Though I would wonder if maybe there was a market for heavy cargo lifters less concerned with speed then lifting capacity

  4. No, heavy cargo lifters should be shifted by airships, not air planes. Its loads more energy efficient, loads.

    Just use helium instead of hydrogen! Been there – tried that!

  5. Whoops, the sentence went wrong but the thought was there – i mean heavy cargo should be shifted by airships, as a sort of compromise between an airplanes speed and a ships capacity.

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