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Attorney General Eric Holder Announces His Resignation

HolderAh such sweet music. Now this scumbag worst representation of Attorney General should be punished for his contempt of Congress charge, and then served with indictments starting with Obstruction and we’ll build from there.

No one has gotten into the why now theories yet, personally I could careless. The Man now needs to feel the full brunt of the consequences of being the most political, corrupt, and racist creature to ever hold the Office of Top Cop in the Country.

Will it happen? I doubt it,  we’ve got men with no honor and no spine supposedly as the “Representatives of the People”, these men and woman represent no real aqmerican of any ilk except their own.

Well all I can say is Bye Scumbag, may the Circle of Life work it’s justice on you….. we could only hope.


UPDATE:  Here is a list to ponder on with the Wonderful AG Eric Holder.

1. Operation Fast and Furious, probably the most reckless law enforcement operation ever carried out by the Justice Department. This gun-running scandal led directly to the death of an American border agent and many Mexican citizens. Holder was held in contempt because of his refusal to turn over information and documentation about this operation gone wrong that he basically claimed he knew nothing about.

2. Holder has waged a war on election integrity and “racialized and radicalized the [Civil Rights] Division to the point of corruption” according to one current Justice employee, embedding “politically leftist extremists in the career ranks who have an agenda that does not comport with equal protection or the rule of law; who believe that the ends justify the means; and who behave unprofessionally and unethically.”

3. Failure to conduct a real, criminal investigation of the IRS targeting of conservative organizations and to enforce the contempt citation issued by the House of Representative against Lois Lerner.

4. Reinstituting the Clinton-era model for handling terrorists that endangers the national security and safety of the American people and going after journalists in leak investigations while ignoring leaks coming out of the White House from high-level administration officials.

5. Failing to advise President Obama against taking actions that violate the Constitution and federal law, refusing to enforce or defend federal laws and trying to persuade state attorneys general to engage in the same type of behavior of refusing to defend laws passed by their state legislatures.

6. Engaging in collusive “sue and settle” lawsuits with advocacy organizations and political allies of the president in order to implement regulations and new requirements without public notice or participation in order to use taxpayer money to fund the budgets of liberal groups.

7. Treated Congress with contempt and did everything he could to evade its oversight responsibilities by misleading, misinforming and ignoring members of Congress and its committee.

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