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Question……….. Why is the IRA quartermaster and multi-millionaire Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy really anti everything -AlQaeda?


Answer……….Because one set of murderous terrorists (Al Qaeda) blew a hole in a container full of smuggled cigarettes belonging to our own set of murderous terrorists (IRASinnFein) while passing through the Suez Canal on a huge containership. (OOPS!)

Couldn’t have happened to a better bunch!

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45 thoughts on “Its an ill-placed rocket which does some good

  1. The cigarette near-prohibitionists are funding your local and worldwide bad guys too.

    The higher you make the price, the higher the profit margin for the mafias and terrorist gangs that society claims to oppose.

    Why not cut out the middle man and just send a check to the bad guys?

  2. Nice Story. Unfortunately it comes from the Sindo and may well be false.

    There were some idealists and some venalists in that organisation. Recently one of their number – now a property developer – went bankrupt in Dublin, and building workers renovating his former house are still finding stashes of cash under the bathtub, up the chimney etc, to the tune of several hundred K.

    BTW, Happy Birthday, Mike

  3. By Jim Cusack

    Sunday Independent

    Fact free reporting. Believe it if it cheers you up but I’ll wait until it is reported in a respectable newspaper before joining in the celebrations.

  4. Huh?

    The Independent is not to be believed? Why ( serious question )?

    Do they have a record of writing untrue stories?

    Is there a particular problem with Jim Cusack?

  5. //Do they have a record of writing untrue stories?//

    Phantom, the Sindo has for the best part of two decades, at least, been on a one-track crusade to destroy any support for Sinn Fein in the south. They will stop at nothing, including lies, in their absolute hysteria about SF. The last time I looked at the Sunday rag there were no less than 5 different anti-Sinn Fein articles on one page.

    They have often made total fools of themselves. We will all have our favourites, but mine is when Conor Cruise O’Brien, who used to be a left-wing intellectual in Ireland before going neo-con, for several weeks running used to write exactly the same article, even verbatim copying over several paragraphs, about how the Americans are going to destroy Sinn Fein. He even went so far as to report that the US had threatened nuclear attacks against Dublin and London if they didn’t ban SF!

    That is the official editorial line, and no Sindo “writer” dare deviate.
    In some cases they appear to have hired guys whose sole purpose was to fill in any gaps with anti-SF rhetoric.
    Jim Cusack would normally be a good journalist, he has lots of good contacts in the Gardai, the PSNI, British Army etc. But like all other lapdogs of Tony O Reilly, recently resigned, he has to toe the line.

    The Irish Independent has form. It opposed Parnell, was the champion of Irish employers refusing to allow union membership, which led to the general strike of 1913 – 1914, went out of its way to call for execution of the leaders of the 1916 Rising, even calling for the deaths of Connolly and McDermot by bame, it supported Franco and the facists in Spanish Civil War etc.

  6. The Independent is not to be believed? Why?

    Phantom, taken from the anon heroes thread:

    I first read about this story in the Irish Independent which has a reputation for being economic with the truth

    What Henry & Noel said.

  7. Which paper would you see as being the most honest and even handed in discussing Irish / NI affairs

  8. //Is it connected to the British ” Independent ” newspaper?//

    Yes, as far as I know they are both part of the Independent News & Media, which was Tony O’Reilly’s huge media empire until he retired last year and owns around 200 newspapers and magazines around the world.

    I think the Independent (British) may recently have been sold to some Russian tycoon, not sure.

  9. // the most honest and even handed in discussing Irish / NI affairs//

    Without question the Irish Times.

  10. The Irish Times or, in the North, The Irish News although the IN’s editorial is unashamedly from a Nationalist perspective.

    My comments re the Sindo aren’t confined to its Irish political content stories.

  11. It looks like neither the Irish Independent nor the Irish Times charge internet readers?

    How the hell do they make money?

  12. The Sindo is a bit of a laughing stock when it comes to the north.

    Whatever one’s views SF, the amount of anti-SF hysteria in that paper often bordered on the obsessive.

    That still wouldn’t overly bother me but the vitriol aimed at ordinary northern nationalists – and John Hume and the SDLP in particular – in the 1990s was nothing short of disgusting. Even the entertainment pages would regularly have an article decrying northerners.

    Thankfully, while it has a large readership, most people I know consider Eoghan Harris, Eilis O’Hanlon et al to be hysterical extremists.

  13. I noticed that Kevin Myers no longer writes for the Independent?

    That guy sure moves around – Irish Times, Irish Independent, now Sunday Times ( of London ) ?

  14. //Reg, do you know that Eilis O’Hanlon /

    WHAT??? Her uncle was Chief-of-Staff of the IRA??

  15. Yep, Joe Cahill’s neice and sister of former IRA prisoner, Gerry Adams’ PA and alleged fourth member of the Gibraltar ASU who spotted the Spanish Intelligence Services shadowing her, Siobhan.

  16. I don’t mind the Independent having a anti-republican position. All the Irish papers do. But if something is reported as fact in the Irish Times or The Examiner you can be reasonably sure it’s at least true to a degree. With the Sunday Independent you simply can’t.

  17. Nice one…….

    The Al Furquan Brigade who is operating from the Sinai area did not placed any video about the attack on facebook. Thats a fake story by “The Independent” or better to say their handlers….. fact is, this video wasn’t made by Abu Jihan and his people, nor there was an Al Furquan attack at August 31st. (The next time you should use one of yor own proxy groups….)

    There are passing sort of 80 – 100 ships each day the Suez canal, if you only count 600 x 40ft. containers we talk about how many? And now the best part, the mentioned container was in the middle because the ship Asia Cosco had two other harbours before this container would be placed to Rotterdam harbour!

    The man at the left side of the video firing the RPG W-7 launcher is an european man, anyone can see this! Secondly if some one firing with an GSh 7V7 grenade and the second shoot an PG 7VL grenade (as you can see at the video the second round the left man fired was the before mentioned, as the first shoot was the typical sound of the GSh 7V7 grenade) – just try it, place a 40ft. Container in your backgarden and fire with such grenades into it. You will find 10 cm metall parts around 250 metre…. what a story…..

    They say what????

    This grenade hits exactly this container with 4m stash of fakes? Then they placed a tracking device to follow the container? Every Republican in South Armagh must died laughing, after an hit with such 85mm Grenades you can be happy that the ship not sinking ye idiots! I thought that the James-Bond stories done?

    Oh and owl Tom is an non smoker, decent drinker, he don’t need that sort of fakes ye know …. why you not leave our small farmer with his hard work and tell your neurotic bullshit some else….

  18. Olc,

    Where from you actually be?

    You no sound kind of Irish bro?


    That’s mental. I certainly didn’t know that. Maybe it explains the large chip resting on her delicate shoulder?

  19. Does anyone doubt Slab and the IRA are behind much of the cigarette smuggling? Much of this Independent article is probably true.

  20. Reg. we had that before – German. I am an arrogant german fuck :0)

    You just have to read the Independent article, then look into Facebook and you-tube, and if you know some People in lebanon ist fairly easy to find out.

    @ New Yorker

    so if a newpaper telling the public about an Container of fakes, mention a guy near Dundalk with a doggy furniture Business…… where is the evidence?

    What will you say if some one writing such crap about you, not in the anonymus Internet where anyone yelling nah, if someone Name you and where you live with such bullshit? Tell me any proof!

    However, from this wee tiny Container the Posts ending up into Gibraltar, Cahills Family, Adams and Shinners ….. Jesus,……

  21. Where is the evidence?

    There is none apart from the Sindo’s faceless, nameless ‘sources’ and those famous dogs in the street that seem to know so much.

  22. I hope someone takes them to the cleaners, like the Finucane family did to the tune of half a Million EUR, again following an article by Jim Cusack.

  23. NewYorker

    Does anyone doubt Slab and the IRA are behind much of the cigarette smuggling? Much of this Independent article is probably true.

    Ireland has the most expensive cigarettes in Europe if you buy in the shops. The government in their wisdom have created a black market and there is no shortage of individuals and gangs willing to take advantage.

    Blaming one individual for it is ridiculous. 20 cigarettes in Poland is 3 euro as opposed to almost 10 here. Do you think our thousands of Polish workers need anybody to organise the obvious remedy for them? There are people who make a living by going abroad and bringing back cigarettes simply as individuals. Add the couple of hundred a week made doing that to the dole and it’s a reasonable life. You don’t need a criminal mastermind to come up with a plan.

  24. Even when I lived in Italy ages ago, there was a huge huge mafia industry in black market cigarettes.

    The mafia should erect a 100 foot statue of Mike Bloomberg in every city of the world. He and his nanny friends have done a huge favor to the gangs by raising the price of cigs so high.

    I don’t know of foreign bootleg imports of cigs into the US, but there is plenty of internal bootlegging.

    A pack of cigarettes costs $5.81 in Virginia, and $14.50 in NY. You do the math.

  25. @ Paul McMahon

    are there still stray – dogs in South Armagh? I thought they been shoot because of this loyalist disease rabies …….

    @ Henry94

    thats to complex for the brains in London, just imagine they would loose their favorite employment telling the world that you need masterminds such as South Armagh farmers for smuggeling ….. that you only need some low minded borderguards who checking the in and outgoing people.
    The best part I ever read in the gutter-press was that anyone has to pay 10-20% to the lads there, we died laughting over this story…..

  26. Old-Gaeilge-Mc-Tire

    Indeed. I remember reading a British account of South Armagh which said the people there were natural smugglers. I thought if that’s true it was a fairly stupid place to put a border.

  27. //said the people there were natural smugglers. I thought if that’s true it was a fairly stupid place to put a border.//

    LOL! Brilliant!

  28. I thought if that’s true it was a fairly stupid place to put a border

    Superb Henry 🙂

  29. I do not know whether or not this latest attack is real. But what I have found out is, this is not the first time this has happened. See Link


    What is interesting to me though, is the silence of the media in general. The Suez Canal is without doubt one of the most strategically important shipping lanes in the world. If shipping is being attacked, this IS news !

    But sadly, our MSM are only interested in X-Factor, Big Brother and Strictly. Oh, and the contents of minor celebrity voice and emails.

    As for illegal cigarettes. Well, there would not be a problem if the price was so prohibitively high making them quite profitable for such types. Market economics.

  30. To Olc-Gaeilge-Mc-Tire – and the rest.

    If you wish to write and publish your self-deluding fairy stories about ‘Quite Man’ and all the other rubbbish, good luck to you, but as I have stated many times before, I will not accept obscenities in a comment upon a post which I authored.

    Keep it decent and clean, and your words can exist alongside the truth as long as you want!

  31. To Olc-Gaeilge-Mc-Tire – and the rest

    Mike Cunningham. I don’t know Tom Murphy and assume that I, like you, just know him from allegations I’ve read about him in the Press.

    The only thing I do know is that Murphy lost a libel case against the Sunday Times who alleged that he was a senior member of the IRA and that journalists Ed Maloney and Toby Harndon have made similar allegations. Murphy has also been accused of operating a lucrative smuggling busniess acrous the Armagh / Louth border and in 2008 agreed to pay a million Euro in tax evasion monies.

    I also know that the Sindo is an absolute rag with a well deserved reputation for fabricating stories so when you’re stating about words existing alongside the truth maybe you’d need to state which truth you’re talking about.

  32. Paul McMahon –

    Come now, why be so coy?

    You think that Tommy Robinson of the EDL is a mega-thug because of a conviction for hooliganism, but you’re only aware of allegations against Slab Murphy? I suspect that Murphy would feel insulted.

    To say that Murphy makes Robinson look like an alter boy is a vast understatement. You know that too.

  33. You know that conviction and allegation are too differentt concepts don’t you Pete?

    And, just to clarify it, Robinson has a police record for football violence, cocaine posession and domestic violence.

  34. @ All

    I’ve no problem to read in an article that there are solid evidence (it doesn’t matter if it is Jim Knopf or Billy the Kid or whoelse …..) against some-one who is dealing and wheeling against any democratic rules.

    BUT – when a journalist without any proof, with an intelligence produced video telling the public 100% crap, not to mention that a farmer somewhere in South Armagh has absolutely nothing to do with an Al Quada off-spring somewhere in the bloody dessert, if I read this “bullshit” I may ask you –

    what has to do Tom with all this? Why a journalist on war-path against anyone who smells Republican bring in names without any solid evidence?

    it would be the same if I would state that this Cameron is responsible for a fraud some chinese mobsters did in Mongolia because he was spotted in an chinese restaurant down in Chelsea…..

    very easy question – where is the proof that Tom is involved into an Secret-Service operation by some british backed lunatics firing grenade-launchers into Cargoships? Papers of arrested people who are connected to him? Money transfer from the Freestate? There is f…. all of any evidence!

    I can tell you straight what really happened, there is a rat in the area and they produced a ferrytale that he is not blown!!!!!

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