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Can’t say that I am surprised with the pathetic bunch of CON-servatives we have in power to read…. 

Tory Cabinet ministers have been ordered to attend Diwali and Eid festivals with Hindu and Muslim voters after being warned they can’t win the next election without increasing the number of Asian voters they attract. George Galloway’s victory in the Bradford West by-election has convinced Conservative high command that they need to do more to reach ethnic minority voters. Ministers and MPs are being quietly told that they need to ‘show their faces’ regularly at ethnic minority and religious festivals over the next three years, rather than simply turning up at election time.

Sounds like a plan. So, let the Conservatives traipse after Hindu and Muslim votes, I trust Christians will appreciate the insult.

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9 thoughts on “IT’S DHIMMI TIME..

  1. I know it was Chairman Jibjab (whatever her name is, can’t remember) who spoke this week about it, but this comes direct from Cameron’s office. She’s too much of a conservative to pander like this, and it has Cameron written all over it.

  2. Pathetic really. If they want to attract votes, they ought to do so on their merits.

    Voters of whatever faith ought to be unimpressed, and recognise this for what it solely is – pandering.

  3. Again this stuff has always been a staple of US politics. They wouldn’t have to be told, a politician with street smarts would go to every ethnic parade / picnic / whatever because that’s what you do.

  4. Not to worry – one can count on the Conservatives to put the interests of another country ahead of their own and, to some on here, that’s perfectly OK.


    – Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) is one of the most active lobby groups in Westminster; 80 per cent of all Conservative MPs are members,[1] though compared with other British lobbies the group has so far received little press coverage[2].-

    Hmmm… “received little press coverage”: the fact that 80% of the governing party of this country is in a pressure group for the interests of another country should be a cause for concern, but the absence of press coverage doesn’t surprise me. As for the ‘Opposition’, the situation is even worse.

  5. Yes, the Israel lobby is all-powerful. And not just in Britain, as Gunter Grass found out this week in Germany.

  6. What we need is a Conservative Friends of Britain to run the country in the best interests of the people of this country. But here is how loyal Labour is to another country, and how Tony Blair was effectively bought by this other country:


    – Although one of Tony Blair’s first acts after becoming an MP in 1983 was joining LFI (Labour Friends of Israel), the relationship truly developed in the early 90s, when as shadow Home Secretary, Tony Blair met Michael Levy at a private meeting at the latter’s house. Michael Abraham Levy is a former chairman of the Jewish Care Community Foundation, a member of the Jewish Agency World Board of Governors, and a trustee of the Holocaust Educational Trust. [5]According to Andrew Porter of The Business, Levy expressed his willingness ‘to raise large sums of money for the party’ which led to a ‘tacit understanding that Labour would never again, while Blair was leader, be anti-Israel’ [6]. The partnership proceeded as Levy started inviting potential donors for tennis at his palatial home where Tony Blair would join them for a set or two. Levy would then proceed to ask the guests for donations after Blair had left.[7] The genius of Levy’s fundraising strategy ensured that most of Labour’s election funds came from private sources, rather than its traditional source – the trade unions, thereby weakening their say over policy.[8]

    Levy’s investment eventually paid off, with Blair’s ascencion to power. The reward was not long in coming as Levy was ennobled and subsequently retained as a ‘special envoy’ to the Middle-East, leading predictably to the development of a strong pro-Israel line [9]. Given the fact that Levy has both a business and a house in Israel and his son Daniel used to work for Yossi Beilin – the former Justice Minister of Israel – speaks of a serious conflict of interest, especially when he is the man assigned by Blair to negotiate impartially with Palestinians and Israelis.[10] The fact that Levy acted as a fundraiser for former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak casts further doubt on his capacity for impartiality. According to Neil Sammonds of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in 2002, four of the previous five ministers with Responsibility for the Middle East had been active members of LFI. [11]

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