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That bit of Hildabeast propaganda on Friday in no way counts as my Musical contribution. I also did not want to detract from the rare excellent choice of Pete, so I have waited till today.

It is also Christmas time, so xmas music is the playlist.  Here is one from the real ELVIS.  A man the angels gifted their voice too,  and the devil gifted him his flaws.

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20 thoughts on “It’s Sunday

  1. The ’68 comeback special, black leather and black hair, the epitome of cool.

    The last time we saw Elvis the icon, it’s a pity his memory is besmirched by Las Vegas, white rhinestone suits and bloated weight.

  2. Growing up, I never liked Elvis. I didn’t particularly dislike him either, but my cronies and I thought of him as something clearly from the previous generation. I never bought an Elvis record / tape / CD, and I don’t think that I knew anyone else who did either.

    When briefly in London a few years after his passing, I got the feeling that he was more of a big deal to younger people there at the time than was the case in the US. I actually saw Elvis graffiti at a London tube station.

  3. Get a load of this. Elvis offering his “services” to Nixon!

    People here who get dewy-eyed about the old days should remember how paranoia and downright stupid so many folks were then. Scroll down and you’ll see a conservative catholic organisation writing to President Eisenhower warning him against Elvis as “a danger to national security”, because

    It is known by psychologists, psychiatrists and priests that teenaged girls from the age of eleven, and boys in their adolescence are easily aroused to sexual indulgence and perversion by certain types of motions and hysteria, — the type that was exhibited at the Presley show.


  4. This may have been mentioned before…but in the early days of Elvis on TV, he was only allowed to be filmed from the waist up because his gyrating hips were considered obscene. I’m not a fan but I am fascinated by his fame and how he rose to stardom. He had the ‘it’ factor long before people discovered there was such a thing…especially in his early years. He was naughty but clean-cut at the same time. And ohhhh boy did he love his mama!

  5. Sinatra was like someone from a century before. The only kids in my area that liked him were of Italian background, and they liked him because their parents did ( or so the rest of us thought ).

    A guy who wore suits, hung out in Vegas, and sucked up to mafia lowlifes. No thanks.

  6. I remember ‘dancing’ on my grandfather’s feet to Sinatra…my first slow-dance experience. “I’m gonna buy a paper doll that I can call my own…a doll that other fellas will not steal…”

  7. Both those guys had a very hard time dealing with the British invasion.

    They never knew what hit ’em, especially Elvis, who became last year’s news in the blink of an eye.

    I still don’t get Elvis, but I do like some of Sinatra’s work, now that I’m not in the ” rock and roll is great, and anything else sucks ” prison anymore.

  8. //I still don’t get Elvis, but I do like some of Sinatra’s work,//

    Actually, both have many things in common, like tonality – they knew there was a perfect was of inflecting a word in singing and they did all they could to get it.

    Just listen to how Elvis sings the word “cries” in this song (at around 1:45), gets all the tragedy out of that short word. (In The Ghetto is a neglected masterpiece of Elvis, sadly again very topical today)

    That kind of singing discipline disappeared almost totally in rock music.

  9. there was a beatles interview where they were accused of being 4 Elvis’s and Ringo just shook is body all about and said… say it isn’t true….laughing

    Elvis and Sinatra were both gifted with tremendous talent and the women adored them. They could each do and get away with whatever they wanted on and off stage.

  10. ” Colonel ” Parker, besides being a thief ( he took three times the standard agents commission ) grossly mismanaged Elvis’ career.

    When the Beatles and others were making exciting, interesting music, Elvis was making all thise idiotic ” dial it in ” movies. Elvis himself hated them. A big chunk of Elvis’ career was utterly wasted.

  11. Weird and wonderful factoids…Elvis was one of twin boys born in a little shack in Tupelo, Mississippi. Nobody knows whether the twins were identical. One twin was dead in the womb while the other grew up to be Elvis Presley. For all of Elvis’ life, he missed his twin supposedly named Jesse. He prayed to him, asked him for help and advice and talked about incessantly. When you visit Graceland, you will see a small gravestone for the not-Elvis baby allegedly named Jesse outside the family home. Elvis claimed to be haunted by the thought that he might have sapped the strength of his womb-mate…leading to his superstardom…one life for the price of two. He felt guilty about it apparently…do I sound like Allan yet? 😛 The difference is (I think) what I wrote has been substantiated.

  12. How can he have ‘missed’ his twin or experienced a life long feeling of guilt and haunting. He never knew him, never experienced him in his life. Psychological codswallop in my esteemed opinion 😉

  13. Have you not ever shared a womb with a twin, Colm? Didn’t you ever suck the life out of anyone??? 😛 Elvis actually talks about this stuff in his biographies/interviews though I’ve never read/heard one. I just know people who are as obsessed with him as I am with good ol’ George Washington and Bob Marley…

  14. Didn’t you ever suck the life out of anyone??? 😛

    Now that’s the sort of question that should be asked more on ATW 🙂

  15. I think only a few of us have that sort of stamina and ‘courage’…:-)
    The usual posters will have to step aside! Some because it would be too easy…(joking!!)

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