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Leicester has become the first part of the UK to experience a local lockdown.

While the rest of the country is seeing restrictions easing, the city has gone into reverse. Shops are shutting and schools will follow suit on Thursday.

How did this happen? And what does it tell us about how well the virus is under control in the UK?

There’s no point reading the rest of that BBC piece. It’s the BBC so it’ll be propaganda. Leicester is back in lockdown-lite. It’s a highly enriched city. Many generations live on top of each other, the young never took any notice of stay at home orders so the infection rate always stayed up. The food shops and public transport became more crowded and there was a spike, So it’s back to how it was. The most affected neighbourhoods in the country are like this. There’s nothing biological about it. It has nothing to do with Vitamin D. It’s just their feckless young pretending to be tough by ignoring what they’re told to do.

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