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David Cameron and Ivan in May 2004












On behalf of all at ATW, may I offer sincere condolences to David Cameron upon the death of his son, Ivan.

It is a great shame that such a young life has been so tragically cut short, and I dearly hope that Mr. Cameron will be allowed to grieve in suitable privacy by the media and his political opponents. No parent deserves anything less upon the death of a child.

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12 thoughts on “Ivan Cameron, RIP

  1. A very touching story and a sad day for David and Samantha Cameron. Today he is not the Conservative leader, he is a grieving father who should be left alone by the media at this time.

  2. A lovely post DSD , contrast it with the one at EU Referendum , it is shameful .
    Sorry cannot do a link .

  3. Well written DSD, Such a sad loss for the Camerons. To lose a child is the worst thing that can happen to any parent.

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