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Here is a pretty good indictment of the pathetic and truly cowardly behaviour of the British government in dealing with the threats coming from the Saudi Arabia government…I entirely agree with what is said.

CALLS were made yesterday for a full public inquiry after the High Court ruled the Government and Serious Fraud Office "unlawfully submitted" to threats that there could be "another 7/7" unless they dropped bribery investigations involving BAE Systems and Saudi Arabia.
"Saudi has long been known to be the financiers of Islam in all of its forms, Saudi funds the building of Mosques and bankrolls many of the Islamic organizations in the UK all of which have the common goal of Islamizing the UK. Our Government have blatantly given in to blackmail and as all good dhimmis do duly paid the jizya to their Muslim overlords.
Did our Government stand and say anything to these pompous thugs that claim to be "princes" no they rolled over. The threat is now quite clear, Saudi effectively said that they would call off the Islamists they were funding in the UK provided they got a "good deal" on the military hardware they wanted."
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7 thoughts on “JET!

  1. I agree that the UK government has caved in to the Saudis, and tonight the Tories have supported that cave-in by oppoosing any further investigation. So be sure there won’t be any – it’s a bit like Mugabe declaring himself the election winner without disclosing the voting figures.

    But the linked story calls for a military coup. That’s beyond the pale.

  2. Peter, all governments roll over to the Saudis. I truly don’t understand the capitulation of democratic governments to these berobed theocrats and their underlying threats of terrorism.

    Here’s a radical thought, set the oil fields on fire, eliminate the Saudi’s/Middle East’s means of terrorist funding wealth and political influence, build more nuclear and alternative fuel sources in the West, give tax abatement to industry that finds alternative/innovative sources of fueling transportation and heating/cooling needs.

    Take away the Middle East’s only means of relevance and we have a whole new way of looking at many different problems.

  3. Daphne

    1. Welcome back.

    2. Interesting thought, but the political, economic and environmental damage could be scary. WW3 with nuclear?

  4. Peter, thank you. I missed talking to your smart self.

    I’m not advocating any nuclear offensive position, only a nuclear power solution for Western energy needs. I have no interest in annihilating the middle east, but seeing them sidelined in a cash bind causes me no pain. 🙂

  5. I have a better idea use our own oil resources and cut off the saudi cash cow…

  6. David Vance –

    It is a pretty good indictment and it only gets better the more you read. I sincerely hope he gets what he wishes for.

  7. Peter,

    "But the linked story calls for a military coup. That’s beyond the pale."

    I agree, but not for the same reason as you. We need a coup, but anything other than a military coup, even a coup by secondhand car salesmen would be better than any coup by any pillars of the Establishment.

    Having watched and listened to ‘the Generals’, I would not trust, or rely on any of them to perform any better than their cronies, the politicians…

    Somehow I find the prospect of Westminster being surrounded by a phalanx of snarling Fiesta’s and Mondeo’s to be quite amusing!!..:-)

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