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Stasi.jpgIn a twist that might have sprung from one of Franz Kafka’s better works, it turns out that the West Midlands police, rather than fight street crime, chase escaped immigrant criminals or do anything that the people actually want them to do, have (as David noted in an earlier post) placed a complaint with Ofcom about Channel 4’s excellent documentary, Undercover Mosque, following their failure to convince the CPS that there was a case for charging Channel 4 with ‘incitement to racial hatred’.

Denizens of the blogosphere will remember that this documentary was already the subject of some discussion shortly after its being aired due to its subsequent burial due to ‘racism’ on Channel 4’s Big Brother ‘reality’ TV show, a burial which prompted the ever-excellent Paul Weston to write ‘The Week Britain Died‘ and so begin his series of social commentary essays.

Comparing the reactions to Big Brother and Undercover Mosques, Mr Weston wrote that:

"In another Channel Four programme, “Undercover Mosques” an intrepid journalist with a hidden camera put his life quite literally on the line and bought us news from various Mosques around the country. This news, essentially, was that homosexuals should be killed, paedophilia condoned, women as second-class citizens beaten — as should girls who do not wear the hijab, and lastly, Islam must take over the UK and run it under Sharia law whilst waging Jihad against the infidels.

To rub salt into the wound it transpired that some organisations calling for all the above have been singled out and praised by Tony Blair and the British police as role models for their inter-faith and multicultural activities. Perhaps this is why our politicised police, so keen to prosecute the BNP’s Nick Griffen for accusing Islam of being wicked, have done NOTHING in the face of Islamic calls for murder and conquest."

Well, it would seem that we should really listen hard these days when we hear the old saw to ‘be careful what you wish for’. Mr Weston wanted the police to do something, and they have done something. This complaint to Ofcom, you see, is the plan B of the West Midlands police force after the Crown Prosecution Service informed them that there was "insufficient evidence that racial hatred had been stirred up as a direct consequence of the programme." According to the Telegraph newspaper, "The statement [from CPS lawyer, Bethan David] added that the CPS "was also asked by the police to consider whether a prosecution under the Public Order Act 1986 should be brought against Channel 4 for broadcasting a programme including material likely to stir up racial hatred."" So the police had gone out of their way to ask the CPS if Channel 4 could be done for incitement to racial hatred.

Leaving aside the sheer stupidity of even having legislation against an emotion in the first place, why were the police even interested in bringing this charge in the first place? I seem to remember there being multiple races spouting jihad, not just one, and the race of the speaker was never brought into play.

Reading through this, I realised that there was a familiar cadence in this, ‘West Midlands Police’. I’m going to have to go look a few things over, I told myself, and sure enough, there I found the story I remembered from BNP Member’s blog, recounting alleged interference and intimidation tactics being used by the West Midlands Police force against BNP members. The allegations BNP Member posted (originally listed at the BNP site) were:

". . .(A) Recent catalogue of West Midlands Police (Thats just the West Midlands region – BNPandme comment) intimidation involving sexual threats, detentions, threats to publicans and interrogation.

• BNP branch meeting at Drake’s Drum public house secretly filmed by West Midlands Police who had set up an observation team in an opposite college.

• South Birmingham BNP organiser arrested at 6am in the morning for distributing “Margaret – I wish I could seek asylum” leaflets. His house was searched in front of his children and he was held at a local police station for several hours. He is currently in the process of seeking compensation.

• BNP campaign van stopped several times by West Midlands Police during the local election campaign. Occupants were threatened with arrest for inciting racial hatred for playing “Rule Britannia” and asked where BNP meetings were held.

• BNP member held in police car, told that the police know who he is and where he lives. One Asian and one white officer then try to provoke him by threatening to sexually assault his mother and sister.

• Bulls Head public house in Kings Norton. Management visited by police officers shortly after a large and successful BNP meeting and told that they were not allowed to have the BNP on their premises.

• Other Birmingham landlords told by police officers that they would lose their licenses if the Party were to hold meetings at their venues.

• Signatories of BNP nomination papers individually visited and questioned by detectives from West Midlands police. . . ."

Obviously, in the interests of fairness and balance, it must be stressed that these are alleged offences. Personally, given the witch-hunt against the BNP, and this recent initiative by the same police force, I am more inclined to believe the allegations than not, but we must all make up our own minds, of course.

There’s a name for the condition you have when the police is so heavily politicised that it demonises and persecutes alternative parties and viewpoints than the ruling paradigm. Something to do with police and State, what was it now….?

Sources: BBC, Reuters, Telegraph, BNP and Me. Hat-tip: BNP and Me.

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25 thoughts on “Jihadi-Stasi Cops? – West Midlands Police Highly Dubious.

  1. Isn’t it against some law for the police to continually harrass members of a legitimate political party just because of party membership?

  2. Yes, quite. Never thought it’d happen outside of that, more fool me.

    Just to clarify, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the British National Party.

  3. Alan, weren’t most of those groups in the 50’s, 60’s, and early 70’s either spying for other countries, trying to actively subvert the government or participating in terrorist activities?

    The current Communist Party in America isn’t undergoing any harrassment now that they aren’t participating in criminal behaviour.

    From what I know about the BNP, they aren’t doing anything criminal.

  4. Where’s our in house lawyer man? He might know if this legal behaviour by the police.

  5. This seems to be a shocking and biased attempt by the West Midlands police to ‘shoot the messenger’. Are they deliberately trying to stop Channel 4 or any other broadcaster investigating Islamic based hateful fanaticism.

  6. Daphne: You refer of course to Mr. Gaskin who gets first shot at all legal matters on that side of the ocean (we’ve divided the world).

    In my opinion, proper police investigation does include monitoring of some groups, but usually with some cause for suspicion of criminal as opposed to political activity. Alan is of course right that it has been abused in the past at times.

  7. Mahons, I agree with you and Alan that there has been police abuse. Hell, there’s been presidential abuse along those lines. I’m wondering why in particular, the BNP is taking all these hits when I haven’t read about any subversiive, terrorist or criminal activity associated with their party.

    Maybe I’m misinformed about their activities?

  8. Daphne:

    In theory the police shouldn’t wage campaigns of harassment against anyone. In practice, however, they can get away with it so long as they target the right people. For example, if they were to administer treatment to Muslims akin to that which they direct at the BNP, then there would a) be an outcry in the liberal media, b) be a complaint to the Police Complaints Commission, and possibly c) legal action. By contrast, no MSM source is going to complain about harassment of the BNP, and no complaint the BNP might make stands any chance of being upheld, because the BNP are regarded as unacceptably evil, and, therefore, as acceptable targets for discrimination, by those in authority.

    As for why the police want to harass BNP members: well, the police are scum. Most of them only join up because they derive pleasure from pushing other people around. And as they can always get away with doing pretty much whatever they like to the wicked thought criminals in the BNP, then they naturally target them a lot. Then, of course, there are politically-correct chief constables, such as Richard Brunstrom in North Wales, who harass the BNP as a way of getting brownie points from the Guardian et al.

    If they ever are called upon to justify their behaviour towards the BNP, I would assume that the police commonly claim that they believed that a "hate crime" was about to be committed, as in one of the cases Mr Smith mentioned ("threatened with arrest for inciting racial hatred for playing Rule Britannia"), or something along those lines.

  9. "the police are scum"

    An unwarranted sweeping generalisation there FR. Makes you sound like a wet behind the ears teenage trotskyist.

  10. Why don’t the police do something about this increasing common practice shown in this gruesome, bloody and sickening photo at The Green Arrow [ http://isupporttheresistance.blogspot.com/2007/08/female-circumcision-real-reason-why.html ]

    The picture female genital mutilation in progress. The little girl has just had her clitoris and surrounding tissues cut away.

    However this hasn’t been done by the local Islamic witch-doctor using a rusty knife or scissors. The procedure is being carried out under clinical conditions. This means that the girl is probably anesthetised rather than being forceably held down, and will be less subject to the risk of infection.

    But it raises some very disturbing questions. A surgical team, presumably consisting of ‘educated’ doctors and surgeons who have sworn the Hippocratic oath to ‘do no harm’, are mutilating a child in a clinic somewhere in Dar al-Islam (one hopes this procedure is still illegal throughout Dar al-Harb). No doubt they are being paid a hefty fee for this work.

    Taken together with the recent ‘Doctors of Death’, we need to ask ourselves whether we really want these ‘medical professionals’ in our country.

  11. FR, so what you’re saying is that the harrassment is based completely on the government’s fear of the BNP’s political platform, which happens to be diametrically opposed to current policy. The police then have no real basis for their actions other than dissuading political meetings and creating fear for potential citizen membership. Are they afraid that a lot of people may agree with many of the BNP’s positions?

  12. Najistani, I’m sorry – I can’t watch that, it would be too heart wrenching. I get your point though of highlighting this subhuman behaviour.

  13. This picture is from the website Body Modification Ezine. It looks to be on an adult. Which may well mean it is genital modification/improvement. There is no proof this is a doctor carrying out a circumcision. It therefore raises no questions until it can be prioven of the allegations.

    FGM is not only an islamic practise.

  14. Daphne:

    I think you’ve summarised it pretty accurately. Given that the public mood is overwhelmingly anti-immigration, and that the present policy is very pro-immigration, then I think that some of those in charge do fear, with some justification, that the BNP will derive electoral benefit from this.
    It also seems to me that there is a greater degree of harassment being directed against BNP members and officials now than there was a couple of years ago, when they had less support in the country.

  15. I was reading a post on some blog recently, that people who had signed a petition for a BNP initiative, in Scotland ?, were then visited by the police at their homes and questioned.

    That sounds fascist to me FR.

    If the current government’s policy is sound and supported by a majority of the populace, they should have no fear of dissenting opinion amongst the minority. If it is a truly open and transparant society, they would do nothing to discourage alternative non-violent political views. They certainly wouldn’t sic the police on legitimate political dissidence.

    "I think there’s a problem, Houston."

  16. And that’s really the sum of the problem. Everybody in the mainstream is sooo afraid that the BNP will derive electoral benefit, and nobody in the mainstream will actually address the issue proper. What a waste of energy.

  17. Mr. Smith, I think the mainstream is addressing the issue exactly as they see fit. They fundamentally disagree with you as to what the problem IS. They think true Liberal Conservatisism and Nationalism is the problem, not mass immigration or multi-culturalism or islamism or socialism.

    People like you, FR, Stan, David, the BNP members are the problem children in their vision of society. You are the thorn.

  18. Daphne – well put. Our current opposition address the issues only to score political points – Gordon Brown’s arrogance for not having an EU referendum, Labour’s ineptitude in the Home Office etc – rather than put the issues themselves on a plate and offer them to the electorate to judge and debate.I think they do know what is increasingly concerning voters here but they are terrified of being perceived as un-pc and offensive

  19. Thanks Sara, why do you think the BNP is so vilified or targeted?
    I keep hearing the racist screed, and I must admit I’ve seen a little of it, but nowhere near enough for this level venom or police intervention.

  20. Would you believe, that i was once friends with a;

    Black, muslim, illegal immigrant from Africa?

    He was living here because his once rich white wife saw him over in Africa – he was a stunning specimen! – and brought him over here.

    Anyway, i went into their house to eat and so on from time to time, and knew the wife just as well. I must stress that he came from the jungle, not the towns, he was a genuine tribesman.

    She told me that on her trips to the village over the years, sometimes she heard drums and women chanting in the middle of the night. At first he wouldn’t tell her what it was about, but in the end he did, and they were cutting the clitoris’s off the young girls, and the drums and chanting were to block out the screams.

    Yay for diversity!

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