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Here’s a happy chappie!

“The truth is that my heart is dead, because executing comes from the heart, not the moustache. Only if you have a heart of stone can you be content in this line of work.” Strangling Has Been My Hobby Since Childhood, I Just Love My Job”

Thus speaks Egypt’s Executioner Hajj Abd Al-Nabi.

“When it comes to carrying out my job, I am tough. The murderer has done an abominable thing, and I cannot be soft with him. If I were soft towards this criminal, I wouldn’t be able to execute him, but when I’m at home, with my kids, I am as calm as can be.”

“I have placed [the noose] around some 800 heads – tough people, big people, young people… All the despicable crimes – killing, adultery, premeditated murder, and so on… I carry out all the death sentences.

“In all honesty, I love my work. I just love it! I never say ‘no’ when they need me at work. This is my work and my livelihood.”

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3 thoughts on “JOB SATISFACTION…

  1. Funny isn’t it. In any normal society, someone who showed early signs of unusual cruelty, would be closely monitored or put on a ‘watch-list’.
    Not so in Islam. In Islam it means he could be useful to society in some way.

    “Like killing pets? Sign here. We’ll have a job for you one day”.

  2. I have read the article, and what can you say. Yes, we in this country killed people by the same methods, only the executioner’s job was to kill the condemned as quickly as possible, not to strangle them slowly, that is unnecessarily cruel, whatever the crime. And as for crime, well I am sure adultery in Egypt is considered bad, but no so bad that they would murder people in such a way, surely ? And I bet it is the women who are hanged, remember what happened to that Western woman who was raped in a Middle East country ? She got jailed and the rapist just got a slap across the wrists.

    All I hope for is that this guy does not show up at our immigration control (if we have one) desk. We have enough nutters as it is.

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