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“The Manchester bomber’s brother said they launched the terror attack in support of Isis, an inquiry has heard.

Hashem Abedi denied involvement in the plot until October this year, after he was jailed for life for his part in the murders of the 22 victims….

Paul Greaney QC, counsel to the inquiry, said: “Hashem Abedi said he was a supporter of violent jihad in the sense he supported the institution of sharia law through violence and he considered violence was justified in order to bring about change in society.”

He said Hashem’s position was “exposed starkly” when he was asked what action he had taken to support Isis and replied: “The Manchester attack.”

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4 thoughts on “Johnny Jihad

  1. And yet, ironically, there are many supporters of and participants in violent terrorism in the UK who now have places high in Government?
    Some terrorists are now deemed ok depending on which province they are in.

  2. Some terrorists are now deemed ok depending on which province they are in

    Indeed JM, so much so in fact that they even got their own state based on the threat of it. Indeed, I’m surprised that there was any violence from the P/U/L community at all. They had the full and absolute power of the state apparatus behind them, the all encompassing Special Powers Act, Internment, the military & the paramilitary police, etc and yet they still couldn’t help themselves and had to bump Taigs.

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