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The UN is holding a summit in Berne in Switzerland to discuss the global food crisis.

No doubt over a sumptious meal or two, the great and the good will salve their consciences by ensuring that international financial aid is increased. The UK has already promised to raise the amount of British taxpayer funds it hands over, and I’m sure others will follow. This is a wonderful substitute for actually DEALING with the causes of this food crisis.

I quote…

"The UN expert on the right to food has called for the production of biofuels to be suspended, claiming they push food prices up. The head of the UN’s environment programme, meanwhile, believes biofuels are key to providing alternative energy for the future."

What could be clearer? In the meantime, let them eat cake. 

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  1. Biofuels are by no means the sole reason for food shortages. There have been massive crop failures due to years of drout in Australia, as well as growing demand for grains to feed animals for beef consumption in China and India.

  2. Peter is correct. Remember also the massive drain on our wallets that is the EU CAP. Originally it underwrote food prices to encourage production and led to massive waste. Now it is used to discourage production and pay farmers to manage the land.

    With food prices so high it should be scrapped and farm thrive or perish by their own abilities and efforts.

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