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Is anybody really surprised to read this;

Nato says it is restricting operations with Afghan troops following a string of deadly attacks on its personnel by rogue Afghan security forces. Only large operations will now be conducted jointly, with joint patrols evaluated on a case-by-case basis. This is a major step back for Nato’s strategy, says the BBC’s Quentin Sommerville in Kabul. It comes as a suicide bomber targeted a bus carrying foreigners in the capital, killing 12 people on Tuesday morning.

I wouldn’t bother “restricting” such operations. I would cease them and ensure we get out of this utterly pointless NATO operation. A war without war aims is just such a farce. The Taliban win.  Why? Because liberals and their media pals want that victory as the natural consequences of a listless war where we are scared to offend by wiping opponents from the face of this planet. The POINT of going into Afghanistan was to topple the Taliban and deny Al Queda a sanctuary.  Our new policy is to entice the Taliban back into power and hope Al Queda do not regroup there. I doubt they will – the Jihad is global. I never supported the futility of “Nation Building” and have no interest in equal rights in Afghanistan. I wanted to see AQ crushed into the dirt and the Taliban goat herds with IEDS’s sent into the next life. Instead, under Obama, we appease. Time to get out.

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