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It could take days to clear the backlog of lorries waiting to cross to France, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says.

Drivers have been warned they may have to spend Christmas in their cabs.

About 4,000 lorries are parked at Manston Airport in Kent, with another 2,300 being held on the M20 after the French closed their border with the UK.

Politicians are such bastards. Emmanuel Macron, the effete, wealthy President of France, played politics and condemned thousands of working class drivers, desperate to get home and be with their families for Christmas, to a Christmas stuck in a cab in Kent. I hope that when they get going they pass by the Elysee Palace and let him know what they think.

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13 thoughts on “JOYEAUX NOEL!

  1. Drive down and give them some Xmas Cheer then , some bon homie with your french counterparts
    The like brandy and tarts , I’m sure you got plenty πŸ˜‰

  2. Listen, I’m knackered. I’ve worked every day since late November and was in work at 5.00am this morning to feed you fat bastards.

    So now I’m going nowhere and doing nothing for the next few days. I will live on booze, turkey, sprouts, stuffing, chocolate, mince pies and more booze. The furthest I’ll be going is from the sofa to the fridge.

    I know, I’m about to find out what it’s like to be employed by the state.

  3. I cancelled my Christmas plans to soend it with some friends and despite an offer from my brother to go to his family I won’t do it (even though I think technically I am permitted) I will be doing the same as Pete but without the sprouts !

  4. I forgot to buy some stuffing yesterday. I’m not going out now so I might have to try and make some. Never done it before. Just mash up some breadcrumbs with whatever leftover bits of veg I’ve got in the fridge I guess ?

  5. Noel

    Somehow I don’t think my local stores here in rough inner city South London are likely to have that French delicacy. I’ll have to stick to making my own cocktail concoctions with whatever is in my booze cupboard !

  6. So you have sage and onion stuffing in the US?

    My missus makes here own and as two of our brood are veggies she makes a sausage meat one & a veggie one. It’s my favourite part of Christmas dinner.

  7. Emmanuel Macron, the effete, wealthy President of France

    What a contrast with Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Nothing effete about him.

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