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Women have historically forgiven straying husbands, it’s almost an ingrained belief that men are much more likely to cheat on their wives, so it comes as only a small surprise to most women when infidelity is discovered. The reasons for such tolerance are firmly embedded in our ideas of the differences between the sexes and the role we each play in a marriage. The oldest story tells us that men are naturally weak at controlling their sexual impulses and legendarily needy for the ego stroking provided by women, making them easy prey for young gold digging immoral hussies. This old rule of thumb applies doubly to powerful men. While we will eventually forgive the man, we never ever forgive, or forget, the other woman.

Which brings us to Judy Giuliani, newest wife of presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani. After a very sordid, highly public affair with this very married man and a very messy divorce for Rudy, Judy won the prize of wedded bliss to New York’s mayor. In the process, she wreaked havoc with Rudy’s relationship with his children (they aren’t supporting his candidacy), humiliated his wife and exposed Rudy’s lack of moral character to the public. As you might imagine, Judy isn’t running well in the polls with women, which translates into trouble for Rudy. Women historically surpass the male vote in elections and right now about 40% of the women polled say they think Judy’s affair makes her unsuitable to be First Lady.

Will the women of America punish Judy’s unforgivable adulterous home-wreaking by pulling the lever on election day for Rudy’s opponent? I think they might.

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17 thoughts on “Judy, Judy, Judy

  1. While I totally agree with your posts about this home-wrecker, and while I don’t think it serves our country well to have the example of a broken marriage and disrupted home in the Presidency, I will vote Giuliani if he’s the Republican nominee.

  2. I notice that it is considered bad form by certain commentators to reject Mitt Romney on account of his religion and no doubt some will say a mans private life is his own affair and should not influence a vote.

    But the whole point of democracy is that you can vote on whatever basis you choose. If you want to vote against the black guy, the woman, the Mormon the Catholic or the born-again you are perfectly entitled to do so.

    But when voting against the adulterer you can only know for sure that you are voting against the guy that got caught.

  3. I wouldn’t vote for Giuliani in the primary and it’s not because of Judy. If it comes down to it, like Patty, I will vote for him if he is the Republican nominee. Oddly enough, I really don’t care about Judy or Rudy’s indiscretions with Judy or even Rudy’s relationship with his kids.

  4. Intriguing personal symmetry here if the final showdown is Clinton vs. Rudi – two candidates under the shadow of philandering partners.

    Otherwise, very interesting and (for me) novel, ideas in a very well-written post, Daphne.

    But surely "The oldest story" doesn’t tell of men’s weakness in sexual loyalty, but of woman’s strength as temptress!

  5. Women are always to blame and rightly so. They are the wicked Eves tempting the goodness out of innocent Adams. 😉

  6. Women forgive men most anything, they never forgive other women for taking men though.

    Men are weak, when it comes to sex, women know better.

  7. Daphne: You speak the truth. Women DO know better…while they like to pretend otherwise. Work it, girls!

    "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets…."

  8. There are some affairs that could be classed as forgiveable but not the Rudy/Judy sordid little event and no she should not be First Lady or whatever. Another unforgivable vile affair Charles & Camilla….over the dead bodies of many true Brits should she ever be Queen.

  9. Maggie

    She will become Queen the moment Charles becomes King, and the only dead body it will be over is our current Monarch’s. That is the whole point of a Monarchical system. The people (short of a revolution) don’t have a say.

  10. Well with a bit of luck the Queen will outlive that ‘rent-a-womb’ hand ringing philanderer or we’ll do what the British do best ‘start a riot’ (line borrowed from the Simpsons)! Thank you for the correction Colm you can always be relied on.

  11. I must have missed this one originally. Judy is a star frequenter (althought the second word is not really frequenter). However, her actions are not as bad as Rudy’s if we are to judge (1) his relationship with his kids (2) his breaking his own marrigae vows (3) his very weird personal life and (4) his apparent use of government resources for his then girlfriend Judy.

  12. Judy is a skank. The whole sordid mess tells me a lot about Rudy’s judgement and ethics, I wouldn’t trust that man as far as I could throw him.

  13. >>we’ll do what the British do best ‘start a riot’ <<

    Maggie, I can’t think of any people less able to start a riot than the British.

  14. Noel

    Only if you define that in class terms. Traditionally the so called working classes have been adept at rioting throughout Britain’s history but not in the organised political sense that the French do. However unlike the French , our middle classes tend not to take to the streets.

  15. >>we’ll do what the British do best ‘start a riot’ <<

    No neither can I Noel but I did qualify the statement by saying it was a line borrowed from the Simpsons who were referring to a football match!

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