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Anyone else notice the news about the ‘Small Rider’ in the Obama Pork Stimulus Package which is racing towards defeat in the Senate?

Seems like our friend in the White House, and his friends in the Senate haven’t learned that when ‘Protectionist’ plans are laid open, someone’s gonna react! The Rider calls for only American-made equipment and goods are to be bought with the funding available, and whilst this might play real good in Peoria, it is gonna’ go down like a lead balloon in Brussels.

Normally, I am no fan of the E.U., or it’s machinations and diktats, but even Obama the Great must have heard of the World Trade Organisation and the rules thereof? Don’t the new bunch know that there is not only a comparatively new outfit on the block, but it’s proven to have teeth. I didn’t agree with the ruling, I didn’t even agree with the ideals behind the ruling, but Microsoft had to take notice, and if the world’s smartest software company had to accept defeat at the hands of a bunch of Brussels bureaucrats, what bet are you willing to place on the United States Government winning out against an Ace-high royal flush hand based on anti-trust legislation?

The ideal of ‘protectionist’ policy itself is politically pleasing, because then any clown like Gordon Brown can shout out  “Drawing on the talents of all to create British jobs for British workers” which of course was paraphrased without comment to  ‘British Jobs for British workers’, without the necessary expansion that of course all European Union workers would be able to fill those posts because Britain cannot discriminate against fellow E.U. countries. But if he had, for example, said ‘We will only allow those workers to fit parts or equipment made in Great Britain, the Brussels mafia would have come down on him like the Leaning tower of Pisa without the stay ropes!

So why would an otherwise astute politician such as Obama allow such inflamatory language within half-a-mile of legislation he has said would help save the nation? Is it because he knows it is faulty, won’t work; and therefore he can blame the bloody Europeans for stymying his ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ stimulus package?



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4 thoughts on “just a small clause…

  1. re protectionism, a quote from the article says it best:

    "There is no company that is going to benefit more from the stimulus package than Caterpillar, but I am telling you that by embracing Buy American you are undermining our ability to export U.S. produced products overseas," said Bill Lane, government affairs director for Caterpillar in Washington. More than half of Caterpillar’s sales — including big-ticket items like construction cranes and land movers — are sold overseas."

    Never underestimate the legislature to screw things up.

  2. The Japanese or French would never have had the protectionist language – but they would have bought local where possible anyway

  3. the whole bill is an abortion that will live.

    Personally I like that clause I’m surprised it’s in there

  4. But surely if an increase in public expenditure is intended to stimulate the economy, then it has to be spent internally otherwise it stimulates other economies? It makes sense.

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