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mp_galloway.jpgHaving praised the indefatigable courage of Saddam Hussein, danced in a leotard with transvestite singer Pete Burns, and proudly proclaimed his support for Hezbollah, one might have imagined that George Galloway could neither find new ways to demonstrate his complete and utter idiocy, nor make himself any more of a laughing stock.

However, one would have been wrong. Because, via Harry’s Place, I read that Galloway will soon be making the move from being a contestant on the televised freakshow that is Big Brother, to being one of the lunatics in charge of that particular asylum, as he becomes one of the presenters of the spin-off programme, Big Brother’s Big Mouth. Fellow presenters will include oafish DJ Chris Moyles, and St Bob Geldof’s shoplifting daughter Peaches. The show was formerly hosted by the moronic heroin-addict Russell Brand, who has now moved on to greener pastures. I must say that I fear that Galloway’s presence will lead to a decline in the intellectual quality of the show’s content.

What Galloway’s Muslim supporters will make of him appearing each night to discuss who is doing what with who, or how much alcohol some Neanderthal contestant has consumed, is anybody’s guess. I also wonder how much this great socialist will be getting paid to do this.

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8 thoughts on “Just as you thought he could sink no lower…

  1. That is the most freightening picture I’ve seen in a long time…. I guess I don’t want to go to a beach in England

  2. <I>moronic heroin-addict Russell Brand

    Russel Brand waas f***** hilarious on Big Brothers Big Mouth. That’s the first time I’ve heard him described as a heroin addict! He’s actually quite a smart and an intelligent bloke.

  3. Ah the joys of Wikipedia. I see he was a heroin addict. Still very funny though.

    With Galloway, Moyles and Peaches in charge, I expect the suicide rates and uptake of heroin increase with the advent of BB8.

  4. Troll:

    The picture may be bad, but the footage of him dancing dressed like that was the stuff of nightmares.


    Perhaps I was a little harsh on Russell Brand. I may find him very, very annoying, but he is at least better than Galloway.

    Which is not perhaps the greatest compliment ever given…

  5. I’m sure he is just putting on his SpiderMan gear for a children’s party.

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