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From a scan of the whole document, one is forced to the conclusion that those in charge somehow don’t believe that their beloved President Zuma isn’t quite as beloved as is stated on all the propaganda stories.

I mean, $27 million pays for quite a bit, but a perimeter fence, an Inner High Security fence, a ‘Safe haven’ complete with tunnel; bullet-proof glazing as well as high-impact glazing: anyone might come to believe someone wishes this highly-regarded public servant ill!

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“No, whilst he was posing, he didn’t seem unusually worried; but explained that he had been suffering from lapses in memory.”

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2 thoughts on “Just asking.

  1. It’s Africa, Mike.

    No one expects any promising change in that in that part of the world anymore.

  2. Very interesting and very revealing.
    Now have a look at this from the African National Congress re encouraging the British consumer to boycott South African fruits..

    Apartheid. It can never be right to treat people differently because of the colour of their skin. But that is an oversimplification and leads to a naive portrayal of the disadvantaged as being somehow more noble and more virtuous than the oppressor.

    Personally I don’t believe that. In some cases it may simply mean that the oppressor is more powerful and successful than the oppressed. As illustrated by the history of the white man in North America.
    And as all you believers in Convolution should accept, “that my friends, is down to mutation and adaptation”.

    Now take this example. The same South Africa, the same oppressed majority, and this is how those oppressed people still deal with thieves..


    Now I am NOT saying that this justifies any kind of discrimination or ill treatment of other peoples. What I AM saying is that it is naive in the extreme to believe that the oppressed are necessarily innocent or somehow superior to the oppressor.
    And it is that fact which justifies President Jacob Zuma taking sensible precautions.. 🙂

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