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Looks like Obama is fulfiling all our dreams or is it nightmares? Hat-tip to the always excellent All Seeing Eye!

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28 thoughts on “JUST DOIN’ A GREAT JOB!

  1. Dunno Frank but in the age of hope and change, does it matter? Perhaps you think the markets are wrong?

  2. Obama says that Gov needs to guide the hidden hand of the market. He’s a worse disaster than my wildest fears!

  3. According to you chart Frank, it seems the only thing as bad as Obama for the market was Sept 11th. We recovered from that, I just pray God we can recover from him!

  4. This is the funniest development, right wingers pretending that the economy just got fucked up in the last few weeks, or that ANYONE said it could be cured automatically in a few weeks. No wonder we voted them out.

  5. Frank:

    LOL. How long will it take for Obama’s detractors to admit he was handed a poisoned chalice?

    As you of course know this is a rhetorical question.

  6. But over 600 Billion in carbon taxes? He sure didn’t mention that in his campaign. That’s really gonna hit all those poor folks. No need for taht now, or ever.

  7. Well said Mahons.

    When the markets recover, I doubt if we will see similar posts from Rightworld lauding The One for his wisdom. They will put it down to something else, like god, or maybe the tooth fairy.

  8. Charles:

    It’s mind-boggling I know. But in fairness to Obama did he know this during his election campaign? Did any of us?

  9. How about his non-pullout from Iraq, the cornerstone of his campaign. He is essentially following the Bush plan and has upset Dems in the House. Hoodwinked you kool-aid drinkers on that one too! I applaud his decision btw.

  10. In fairness to Obama he didn’t know, just like Bush didn’t know his presidency would be shaped by 9/11.

  11. Charles:

    I don’t know which of your last posts to take seriously. Seriously.

    No, I don’t drink KoolAid; at present I’m enjoying a red from your lovely compatriots the Gallo brothers.

    No, Bush didn’t know. Christ, how could he? I sat stunned in front of my TV as the footage of the WTC outrage was being beamed around the world. None of us could have predicted that. Mrs Barry and I prayed for you people in America. We knew it was going to be bad, that history had taken a step in the wrong direction.

    I genuinely hope that Obama can roll back some of the damage, although like you I’m sceptical.

  12. But…

    "I think it’s fair to say that had I not been a Stevie Wonder fan, Michelle might not have dated me. We might not have married," Obama said Wednesday as he and the first lady hosted a concert and award ceremony for Wonder.

    "The fact that we agreed on Stevie was part of the essence of our courtship."

    Wonder was presented with a Gershwin Award for lifetime achievement during the event, which is scheduled to air on PBS Thursday.

    Wonder’s tune, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours," was often played at Obama’s campaign stops.

    The president told guests at the White House that Wonder’s music was also the soundtrack to his youth and marriage. Michelle Obama told the crowd that Wonder’s love song, "You and I," had been the couple’s wedding song. Watch Stevie Wonder and other greats jam at the White House »

    Wonder accepted the award from President Obama and gave him a big hug.

    "President and Mrs. Obama, I’m so excited to know that I was a part of. … I needn’t say more," Wonder said, drawing laughter and applause. "I want to first of all thank God for this moment, because only through him could all this happen."

    "Gospel duo Mary Mary, hip-hop musician will.i.am and jazz crooner Tony Bennett were among the other performers at the event. Obama staff members said the event was part of an effort to open the White House to a broader community."

    Patty, my dear, you have to agree with me that the above was beyond cringe-making. Jeeze!

  13. Thank you for your prayers Barry. We needed them then and now. My problem with Obama is that I disagree with his worldview. I hope the best for our president, but not his plans to cut defense, and raise taxes.

  14. Obama inherited a recession and has turned it into a depression (intentionally I believe – as an excuse to grow government)

    Even Bush, big government conservative that he was, knew enough to cut taxes when recession came on – and we recovered.

  15. Sorry, Charles, I posted that to Patty as I’m sure you know by now. I disagree with you re Obama’s foreign policies but as sure as you is born we’ll lock horns again on that one.


    You’re terribly hard on Obama, but I agree with you about the issue of cutting taxes.

  16. Did you know that in a single month Obama has spent more than George W. Bush did in seven years on two wars and Katrina?

    Obama is destroying the country.

    Meanwhile, HBO has a special on tonight (comedy-type) basically mocking Bush, who, as conventional wisdom would have it, "destroyed" the country!

    How about a special on how the country with Bush had no repeat of 9/11? Or, how Bush stuck by General Petreaus so we did not lose in Iraq?

    Not going to happen.

    Americans in general are too fat and happy – they prefer to be stupid. It’s easier. And when reality finally hits (probably in the summer of this year) that we are screwed, it’s too late.

  17. Furthermore, "You’re terribly hard on Obama"

    my personal income tax bracket is going up. I will pay significantly more in taxes.

    my possibilities of ever collecting social security are being wiped out by Obama’s trillion dollar boondoggle of liberal wish-lists.

    my 401K retirement/savings has been halved because the markets hate Obama and his weasly words.

    I have no possibility of ever receiveing any govt. handout as I am white, educated, and middle class.

    And, inflation (a hidden tax) is around the corner. There is no other way to pay for Obama’s programs.

    I won’t even talk about the fact the my child, and any grandchildren are now saddled with debt, and probably no hope of accumulating enough equity to buy a house etc.

    Adios freedom.

    And I am hard on Obama?

  18. Sales of Atlas Shrugged have tripled in the last 3 weeks, I read. I’m on about pg 800 as we speak. Scary similarities.

  19. Frank when Bush took office the country was already going into a recession it has been proven that the Clinton administration reported false numbers that last two years.

    Add to that the economic devistation brought on by 9/11 and the economy should have crashed, but the Bush tax cuts turned that around and brought us a boom untill the Fannie and Freddie scam that Franks and Dobbs along with other democrats caused not only an American recession but a world recession.

    Just as FDRs actions made the situation worse so will Obamas

  20. Patty:

    "I have no possibility of ever receiveing any govt. handout as I am white, educated, and middle class.

    "And, inflation (a hidden tax) is around the corner. There is no other way to pay for Obama’s programs."

    Sorry girl, I’m right with you on this one. This is disgusting. Are you too hard on Obama? No of course not—pin his ass to the wall.

  21. Obama will prove to be an even greater disaster than anyone feared. One term will surely be enough for the American electorate. Then the GOP to the rescue once again!! Palin for President

  22. Obama was handed a poisoned chalice in the economy, but he doesn’t have to drink from it. There was an opportunity for Obama to come clean with the economy and explain that there will be serious belt-tightening, banks will fold and gold-plated pensions e.g. for UAW retirees, must be reviewed in order to ensure that industry does not collapse. This won’t now happen because the Dems’ establishment which pulls Obama’s strings and feeds his teleprompter won’t allow it. They still believe that the New Deal worked.

  23. William:

    "Palin for President."

    Hmm, don’t know if that’s wise. He stutters—not good when making a State of the Union address.

  24. Michael Palin for President (we’ll waive the born in the USA requirement).

    Radical rightwingers really hate Americans – as Patty’s comment above demonstrates.

    No lie is to big for them.

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