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glasgow%20airport%20attack.jpgWonder what you make of the claims that severly burned Glasgow Airport attack suspect Kafeel Ahmed is being kept alive on the orders of MI5? The alleged Jihadist has third degree burns to 90% of his body and virtually no chance of surviving but insiders claim the security services are keeping him alive to avoid a backlash from radical Muslims.

I would switch the machine of right now and stop wasting British taxpayers money keeping Jihad scum alive. And as for the backlash from "radical Muslims", let us recall that the attack on Glasgow Airport was BY radical Muslims.  It was radical Muslims who planned to bring mass carnage to Scotland. It is they who should be afraid of us, not the other way around.

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15 thoughts on “JUST RUNNING SCARED…

  1. Long time back, I worked on a gold mine, On of the ‘perks’ of mining life in South Africa was the party when the mine completed one million fatality free hours. As deep gold mining is so dangerous, there were few parties!

    So when my mine was approaching the magic number, lots of plans swung into action, for few know how to party like ten thousand black and white gold miners! But two days before the 1,000,000 clicked up, this black maintenance labourer got himself wound around a very big rotating coupling and was mortally wounded. But the mine management whipped him down to the I.C.U. at the mine hospital and clipped his body on to a respirator, artificial heart, the works, without saying anything.

    The million hours clicked over, we had a real blast of a party, and some twenty-four hours later the body was shipped out to the Transkei.

    As for the burnt bomber, the fuzz should sling the murderous bastard’s remains onto a round-about in Central Glasgow, and see who comes to bury him!

    p.s. Did anyone read in the linked story that they ALLEGEDLY drove a vehicle into the terminal building? Aren’t we allowed to believe the filmed evidence of one being arrested, and the other being hosed down?

  2. It is wrong to believe he is being kept alive because of fears of a ‘Muslim backlash’. He is being kept alive because that is what the medical profession does and for the obvious reason that the authorities always prefer to keep such individuals alive to question them and gain information.

  3. It was the second thing that occurred to me, after seeing the police trying to put the flames out, which would help him get more petrol out of the boot (whose side are these people on?), the next thing I thought was who gave these medics the right to take money out my wallet, no questions asked, and waste it on this scum. That was before we heard that the terrorists are all doctors, so I suppose it makes sense.

  4. If every decision your government makes is based on a fear of ‘backlash’ then your government is a pussy.

    I think they are keeping him alive to question him. That seems an incredibly nasty thing to do – although I support it..

  5. Colm, Monica

    I agree 100%. Keep the bastard alive. We might get more information from him, and anyway, why put him out of his misery by letting him die be reunited with Allah? (peace be upon his name)

  6. Monica and all

    Stop all this nonsensical speculation about why they are keeping him alive. I will say it again, they are keeping him alive becuase that is what medical staff do , they strive to keep the most badly injured or ill paptients alive regardless of the moral character of those individuals. There is no conspiracy or political instructions going on here.

  7. Colm:

    It is simply not true to say that doctors strive officiously to keep alive those who have basically no chance of recovering. There does come a time, and, given the information we have about this guy’s condition, it would appear to have come for him, when doctors will point out that there is no chance of his condition ever improving, and will recommend turning off his life support machine.

    I would also point out, as a more general point, that if this guy is on life support, with very little chance of recovering, then it is extremely unlikely that he is, or ever will be, in a position to talk to the intelligence services at all, let alone provide them with information.

  8. It’s not true, Colm! Ever heard of triage? Patients are saved because a determination is made that the allocation of limited available resources will result in a positive outcome.

    I’d say allocate those resources, baby! We need some information from this guy – ASAP!

  9. From the linked report in The Scotsman:

    Meanwhile it was reported last night that three Iraqi doctors who went on the run in Glasgow after the airport attack were being hunted by police.

    The men came to Britain to take part in a government-backed training programme but failed to show up earlier this month for their return flights to Baghdad.

    However a Department of Health spokeswoman said they were satisfied there was no link between the men and the terrorist incidents.

    What the hell would the Department of Health know about whether these runaways had any links to terrorism? The ‘alleged’ attackers of Glasgow Airport worked for the NHS, did they not? I note that no counter-terrorist body made any comment.

  10. part of me says keep him alive but forget the painkillers.
    it’s the difference between us and them, our rules are civilized and not written by some mental patient from 1300 years ago.
    as for our goverment, they’re already planning to convert and sell us down the river.

  11. Frakked,

    You’re right – we value life like they value death. We are not like them.

  12. It is a hallmark of Western medical ethics that the sick and injured of even enemy combatants/convicted criminals etc are given proper medical care. This is fundamental. I doubt there would be any deviation from that practice in this situation.

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