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badgeOne percent of the American population has or does serve in our Military.  There are 320 Million people in the U.S.. There are LESS THAN One Million Police Officers in the entire Country.

Man as a species is a predator, our tendency towards violence is a fundamental keystone of who we are. As thinking creatures it is our want to get through life without violence… we fail on so many levels as a species even though on the individual level we do rather well… why is that?

The History of Mankind is defined through it’s wars. The world has been without a major war for 60yrs.  Russia and China are building weapons and bases. The US and the Brits are dismantling weapons and bases.  The French refuse to fight but will sell any weapon to anyone…. and the Middle East is on FIRE.

May you live in Interesting Times…. I swear if I ever find the Chinaman that said that he’s gonna have a bad day.

Here is my Friday Tune…. a little Bluegrass, very different, but very apropos

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7 thoughts on “Just thoughts

  1. Here you are Troll, fresh out of the oven from one of the most popular polemicists on the web:

    Heavy sarcasm is his raison d’être, but it’s nevertheless a backhanded compliment to you Yanks, and yes, he does say God bless America.

  2. What a load of bollocks you delivered in your link Bernard, but I bet troll laps it up like kittens on cream

  3. America’s first amendment is a genuine legal and historical force for good and the longer it remains and is rigorously enforced good. However, it is a myth to claim that free speech is only now threatened by liberal political correctness (although I agree that is a major threat). There have always been social religous and cultural forces throughout the ages left and right which have effectively curtailed free speech regardless of the law. Social tolerance of different beliefs changes from generation to generation and that has more of an affect on what people choose to say than the law.

  4. “What a load of bollocks you delivered in your link Bernard”

    Its satirical and on the money as are most of Pat Condell’s videos.

    It’s your post that’s bollocks EP. 🙂

  5. China has succeeded in turning nearly all of Asia against it and into the arms of the US.

    They have been arrogant in the extreme, and the region has noticed.

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