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The essence of our Justice system is underpinned with the idea that everyone is treated equallyunder the Law.  The law must guarantee that no individual nor group of individuals should be privileged or discriminated against by the government. Yet recent years have seen some decisions being made that surely bring this into question. Just consider this.

So she pleased guilty to encouraging Jihad and yet she is spared a prison sentence. Meanwhile…and by way of legal comparison….

So essentially given a death sentence for “bacon crime” but a free pass for encouraging Jihad. What does this say to you about prevailing legal priorities?It’s not just a one-off situation that prevails in our courts as there is a disturbing trend emerging.

Convicted of paedophile crimes but spared prison? And this at a time when there is increasing recognition of widespread rape and grooming paedophile gangs operating across the UK. These are, factually, mainly of a Pakistani origin and so it is instructive to understand how our Judiciary deal with the issue.

In a further twist, AltNewsmedia understands that Anjem Choudary, an Islamist preacher accused of inspiring a generation of British jihadists, may be released from prison within months, and concern is mounting within police forces and MI5.

Anjem Choudary, 51, who was jailed in September 2016 for urging Muslims to support the terrorist group Isis, is expected to be released on licence in October.

So, just under two years in prison for actively urging Muslims to join Islamic State.Does that strike you as the British State taking Jihad seriously and sending a strong message that is will not be tolerated? Or is it a sign of a craven State crumbling in the face of a determined and ruthless enemy?

If the law is perceived to be placing one group above another that fatally undermines public confidence in our justice system. And if the law cannot be trusted to deliver justice fairly and impartially then the scales of justice could come crashing down. The rise of radical Islam in the UK is a fundamental challenge to our Establishment and the current response seems to be to give it a protected status, appease those who advance it, and damn all who dare criticise it. Perhaps the rise of Sharia Law in the UK is not that surprising when we see our centuries old legal framework failing to deliver justice for all of our citizens?

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7 thoughts on “Justice isn’t blind, it just looks the other way.

  1. Indeed David, Ian Thain, the British soldier who shot my friend Kidso Reilly in the back as bare chested Kidso was running away from aBritish Army patrol in 1983 was convicted of murder and given a life sentence only to serve less than three years and be reinstated back into the British Army.

    Likewise with Scot’s Guardsmen Mark Wright and James Fisher who, again, shor 18-year-old Peter McBride in the back as he was running away from a British Army fot patrol in north Belfast in 1992 who were convicted of murder and given a life sentence only to be released six years later and reinstated back into the British Army.

    Likewise with paratrooper Lee Clegg who was convicted of murder for shooting dead 18 year old Karen Reilly and 17 year old Martin McPeake in a stolen care in West Belfast in 1993 and given a life sentence only to be released in 1995 and reinstated back into the British Army, (Clegg’s conviction was subsequently quashed in 1998 on the bases of disputed forensics).

    But I’m sure that these should feel happy that they got some element of justice, the identified paratrooper that shot twelve year old schoolgirl Majella O’Hare in the back in South Armagh in 1976, (it took the British Government 35 years to issue a useless apology), was never convicted of anything or RUC Inspector James McCrutchley who gave the order to fire a plastic bullet at my mother’s cousin and young mother of two and Nora McCabe which struck her on te head and killed her on the Falls in 1981. It was during a riot of course, until when the case was at court and a Canadian film crew produced footage of the shooting to show that there was absolutely no rioting in the area at the time proving the the RUC not only murdered Nora McCabe but that the RUC perjured themselves in court. Not only was no one convicted of the murder but Inspector James McCrutchley was decorated by the old Windsor woman.

    And that’s even before at least three multiple murder massacres and the many other individual incidents.

    Yeah, I know, whataboutery right? It seems that in ATW world justice is allowed to turn a blind eye as long as the murderers are in uniform and aren’t immigrants or Muslims.

  2. Kidso was running away because a crowd of people he was standing with got into a physical fracas with the British Army foot patrol. I don’t know why Peter McBride was running away.

  3. It is good to see Paul concerned about whites. Given what we now see, it was definitely a fratricidal war in Ireland.

    Let us remind ourselves of how the British authorities not only hate all whites of NI but also those of the mainland


    The report heard of two cases where fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused only to be arrested themselves when police were called

  4. despite theses anomalies, most isis inspired wannabe’s know the route to jail is well established for them, the prisons are heaving with these dicks

    and the gov’t has moved to stop them radicalising other inmates


    like pedo’s, murderers, rapist these killers know if they get caught they face long time behind bars

    the message to the population is don’t get involved, but by all means campaign for more tougher measures, try to get your MP onside

  5. “Kidso was running away because a crowd of people he was standing with got into a physical fracas with the British Army foot patrol.” Was Kidso Reilly involved in the fracas?

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