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In a manner that can only be described to as "dictatorial", I see Hizzoner Ken Livingstone has refused to accept the nominations of white male Conservative and Lib Democrat candidates to the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA).

The Mayor refused to approve the nominations by the London Assembly and London Councils of: Brian Coleman AM (Con), Robert Blackman AM (Con), Roger Evans AM (Con), Geoff Pope AM (Lib), Mike Tuffrey AM (Lib), Cllr Colin Tandy (Con), Cllr Maurice Heaster (Con), Cllr Ed Butcher (Lib) and Cllr John Whelan (Con).

Ken Livingstone said,

“It is crucial that important public bodies such as the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority represent London’s diverse communities. This year’s nominations offered a real chance to improve the profile of the authority and address the serious under-representation of women and black and ethnic minority Londoners but sadly this has not been acted on.

What is crucial is that the LFEPA is capable of doing what it needs to do. It should not matter whether London’s "diverse communities" are represented – what is important is that they are protected – but, because this repulsive man is holding up nominations it will obviously mean that the LFEPA can not get on with the jub it needs to do. So, if an emergency does occur, people may suffer because of his bigoted meddling.

There are 1861 councillors of which 293 – around 16% – are from ethnic minorities. Of the approved nominations, four that I know of are from an ethnic minority background. Four is roughly 16% of the 25 seats on the LFEPA – in other words the "quota" has been filled – but Ken wants more. As long as they are not white men they’ll do for Ken.

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7 thoughts on “Ken don’t want no white men

  1. When Red Ken was head of the GLC in the 1980s he used to be parodied mercilessly by Private Eye for this type of obnoxious pc preaching. According to them he was all in favour of grant-aiding a help group for single-parent disabled black lesbians.

    Obviously he has remained consistent!

  2. It would be so satisfying to read, one day, that on the way to work, Livingstone gets car-jacked by a gang of his favourite ‘race’ and has to stand there while they set fire to it, knowing it’s not worth calling the brigade because they’re quota-short.

    that would do me nicely.

  3. Bernard:

    There was a story on the South Africa Sucks blog the other day, regarding a white liberal schoolmaster named Nick Karvelas. This gentleman had been virulent in his opposition to all measures taken by whites, in his neighbourhood and beyond, to protect themselves from marauding black criminals, who are murdering white people in their homes on a daily basis. He even set up an organisation to oppose whites closing roads and installing boom gates in their neighbourhoods, which they do to prevent criminals from gaining easy access to their homes.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, a few days ago Karvelas found three blacks robbing his home, and was shot dead by them. Of course, one doesn’t take pleasure in people being murdered in their homes by criminal scum, but it does at least show that sometimes liberals do reap what they sow.

  4. FR;

    Well, well. There you go.

    Looking at ‘liberals’ at work around the world, they do all seem to sing the same song from M.A.S.H……

    "Suicide is Easy".

  5. ….wait a minute, just remembered the rest of the song:…

    ….it brings on many changes…

    Esp here.

  6. My friend, you do not know what Nick Karvelas stood for, you do not know all the facts.

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