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Back in 1965, the UK political elite determined that capital punishment would be abandoned, despite the fact the people of the UK overwhelmingly supported it. In order to assuage public concern, we were solemnly promised that anyone convicted of murder would be given a mandatory life sentence. However the same elite are back to salami-slice the very notion that murderers automatically get life behind bars (15 years);

Mandatory terms for “mercy killings” and some other murders should be dropped, said the Homicide Review Advisory Group in a report yesterday. The current system of life imprisonment is “unjust and incomprehensible” and courts should have the power to impose softer sentences, said the panel of judges, ­barristers and academics.

They want judges to be able to decide what the penalty should be and based on judicial performance on so many other areas, that will mean murderers can look forward to receiving even softer sentences. Their victims remain in their graves, of course.

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2 thoughts on “KILLING ME SOFTLY…

  1. The world is becomng overcrowded, and the UK in particular.

    What to do and how to do it is the perennial political problem.
    Do you have any ideas Sir Humphrey?

    Well there is one Sir, if we made gratuitous murder less heinous as a crime, and perhaps gave it a less evocative name, and then reduced the punishment for committing it, perhaps it would become more prevalent, and act as a minor means of population control. You know quick to anger the proles are, they lash out at the slightest excuse, and have less concience about taking a life than those advisors at the MoD, – and all so much easier than having a working immigration plan.

    I am sure we could encourage such ‘crimes’ to become even more popular. and, as a bonus, we could then claim to be the most forgiving, caring and civilised society on the planet.

    Now if we also relax the laws on knife ownership, and perhaps make it easier to own a firearm we could be well on the way to reducing the population to less than 100 million by 2075.

    We could also make incarceration even more comfortable, perhaps even so far as promising a political position on release, I think we would be well on the way to getting full Eurozone membership by 2020.

    What an excellent idea Sir Humphrey – than you!


  2. Judicial discretion?

    I believe that Miss Rhea Page can tell you what comes of this discretion in today’s courts.

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