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The bones are old and creaking, but there’s no mistaking that classic slide into the far corner. Thierry Henry, the Premiership’s greatest player, the greatest player on these shores since George Best, is back, and the Gunners are through to the next round of the FA Cup.

Get in …


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7 thoughts on “KING HENRY

  1. Scholes back to Man Utd, Henry back to Arsenal…. if this is a pattern then supporters of Emile Heskey’s old clubs will be crapping themselves.

  2. Oh boo hoo.

    Robbie Keane committed a premeditated handball in that game (Henry’s was instinctive) but he wasn’t smart enough to get away with it. Strange to say, Irish fans aren’t so ready to discuss that.

  3. Good goal, although I’m not sure that I saw anything in that video that deserves any comparison with Best at his best.

    Incidentally, didn’t some goalie score by kicking the ball out straight from his goal area right into the opposite net, the other week? More fluke than skill, sure, but still one of those lovely moments!

  4. Tom Tyler –

    Sure, but it was just one goal this evening on his first appearance back. His record and quality between 1999 and 2007 for the glorious Gunners is proof of the great man’s genius.

    Tim Howard, Everton’s American keeper, scored last week from his box. He was somewhat aided by the howling gale behind him.

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