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An Italian Court overturned the acquittal of Amanda Knox who will now be tried again for the murder of her roomate Meredith Kercher. The case has been followed internationally, and has caused tabloid as well as serious media attention. I don’t know if anyone knows what the ultimate outcome will be (other than a family missing thier murdered daughter). A sad, frustrating and divisive case.

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7 thoughts on “Knox Again

  1. The Italians have a strange legal code.

    They can arrest you for failing to predict an earthquake on the right day, and I guess they have no problem with double jeapardy.

  2. Seems like the Italians are trying to make Amanda Knox go down again.

    (Apologies, I couldn’t resist it)

  3. Never followed the case, so have no idea if she’s guilty or not…..but if I was Amanda, my next move would be immediate departure to a country that has no extradition treaties with Italy.

  4. I haven’t followed it enough I suppose, mostly by choice. What I have seen makes me think it is not the case in which the Italian police and prosecution have distinguished themselves. But she has acted in a very odd way.

  5. //But she has acted in a very odd way.//

    An odd way? At the very least, she showed a callous indifference to the death – just a few hours previously – of someone who was supposed to be her friend, she repeatedly told lies to the police, she claimed she had seen a man – her boss – commit the murder when the man in question was later proven to be nowhere near the scene.
    I think she was almost certainly involved in the murder in some way.

  6. I have a solution. Bring her to the UK/Ireland and put her in front of Judge Cunningham 😉

  7. I think she was almost certainly involved in the murder in some way.

    From what I know of the case Noel I agree.

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