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The drive to socially engineer, rather than Educate, continues;

Schools will be penalised if they fail to improve the progress of ‘vulnerable’ groups of pupils such as those who  are gay, lesbian, bisexual  and transsexual. New Ofsted guidelines reveal that heads of primary and secondary schools must show their education ‘meets the needs of the range of pupils’ in their classrooms, including gipsy and traveller children. Schools could see their teaching being judged ‘inadequate’ if they do not reduce gaps in achievement between different groups who make up a significant proportion of their student population.

I have a solution. Axe Ofsted. The continued drive to advance leftist agenda issues at all costs has to be stopped. These people see the class room as a laboratory in which they can impose their issues to the detriment of the reason for having pupils in the class-room.

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6 thoughts on “LABS, NOT CLASSROOMS!

  1. Isn’t it a good thing that every child, no matter what their background, achieves his or her potential? Surely we want every child to succeed? Is that leftist? Is it leftist to want everyone to share in success?

    When you read the actual criteria (and not The Daily Mail’s interpretation of it) what Ofsted are doing is requiring schools to be aware of any group underperforming and address those issues. So for example boys (of any sexual orientation and ethnicity) typically underperform in primary schools at reading. So you would expect a school to identify that and take steps to devise a strategy to deal with it (change the type of reading material for example – more non-fiction).

    Girls typically underperform in science and maths in secondary schools. So what strategies to schools have for dealing with that?

    It isn’t about imposing anything – in fact quite the opposite. It is about identifying existing groups and where appropriate, identifying strategies to deal with them. I am sure, by the way, that most school teachers would *love* Ofsted to be scrapped. But I thought you were in favour of Ofsted? Or are you only in favour when they are about sacking teachers, and not about equality?

  2. A good teacher would know how every pupil in their class performs, what every pupil is good at and areas where a pupil is week. A good teacher knows who works hard and who is lazy. So I think that you are right with your solution David – Sack Ofsted.

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  4. A good teacher would know how every pupil in their class performs, what every pupil is good at and areas where a pupil is week. A good teacher knows who works hard and who is lazy.

    Absolutely true. But what happens if you have a group of children across many classes and taught by many teachers who consistently under-perform? Isn’t it worth finding out why? Isn’t it worth investigating if there is somethign about that group that causes them to underperform and then drawing up strategies to deal with it?

    You don’t need Ofsted to do that – and most in the teaching profession would dearly love for ofsted to be closed down – indeed the NUT have long called for its closure. Can’t be many issues over which ATW and the NUT agree.

    I find this sudden reversal of support for Ofsted curious.

  5. Well said Geoff. My wife is a primary school teacher and she is certain that teachers should be left to teach, provided their ability and application is sufficient. If not…

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