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Very soon, it will be the 19th anniversary of what happened that day. Sad remembrance, tributes to the fallen, political comment will be made, and rightly so.

But I think of the happier times there too, working in a strangely tall building. Of looking out the window and seeing prop planes flying well below, on the way to Newark. Interior doors swaying on windy days. Being in a corner room while as the strongest lightning storm in the world was right outside.

Once, I met the famous shortstop and later announcer Phil Rizzuto in the elevator. Tiny man, pleasant to talk to. ( You’ve heard him many times, on the link, he kicks in at 3:33.)

One of the special times for me was on July 25, 2001. I was exiting the building after work, and what do I see but a free concert by Laura Cantrell in progress. How the hell did I not know of that beforehand. My plans instantly changed, and at some point, I was sitting in the audience.

This was a fond memory, made better still when I recently found this video of the show. It’s not professional quality at all, but I’ll take it.

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4 thoughts on “Laura Cantrell at the World Trade Center

  1. Nice post, Phantom.

    I remember once I took the elevator to the top of the one building that was open to visitors. The elevator had a glass surround and ran on the outside of the tower, just across from the 2nd tower and it was this nearness to another object at such a height that made the ride very scary indeed. There was a really interesting museum of money at the top, with Babylonian money bars of precious metals, the first money in history. I often wonder what happened to those priceless exhibits.

    Another time on a late honeymoon my wife and I had been buying stuff in the garment district. That night she’d tried on her new things in the hotel and we decided to take the camera and go down to the towers for some photos. When we were there, I thought it would be a good idea if I went down a flight of steps to some underground facility under one of the towers, while she stood at the top to be photographed with the night towers behind her. I was snapping away when I saw two security guards approach her. They’d spotted us on CCTV and had come out to investigate. But when we told them we were on our honeymoon and just taking photos, they laughed and stood chatting with us for a while. I hope those two guards were not on duty on that fateful morning.

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